Monday, August 12, 2013

Half Marathon Week 5 Training Update

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, August 5th - 3 miles / OFF DAY
Tuesday, August 6th - Cross Train / OFF DAY
Wednesday, August 7th - 3 miles / OFF DAY
Thursday, August 8th - Rest / OFF DAY
Friday, August 9th - 4 miles / OFF DAY
Saturday, August 10th - Rest / OFF DAY
Sunday, August 11th - 4 miles (goal pace) / 3.1 miles

Total Miles Week 5 of Training = 3.1 Miles

Well there you have it - it was my birthday week and I needed a break - so total miles 3.1 baby;) Sometimes I need a break or I get burnt out quickly. So... I took one... Ain't no shame...

How I felt all week - SUPER TIRED!!!
This is what I am hoping for this upcoming week:
Tonight - 4 miles
Tuesday - 3 miles or Cross Train
Wednesday - OFF DAY
Thursday - 3 miles
Friday - 3 miles
Saturday - 3.1 miles (I am racing this day)
Sunday - 12 miles


Simply Sami

I ran my virtual 5k last night for my girl Sami - if you are interested in the deets check out her page today. I honestly was going to take the whole entire week off of running, but I pulled out my 5K and I was so glad I did.
Still tired Mel... ugh...

Holly and I will be headed to Peoria, IL on Sept 7th to run the Illinois Valley Striders Half Marathon on Sunday, Sept 8th with Sami in honor of her sister Maggie. If anyone is interested in running the half with us - please let us or Sami know.

And... FINALLY... I am running the "Walk a Mile In Our Shoes" 5K this Saturday to benefit the St. Patrick Center. I am currently running solo, so if anyone is interested in meeting up down there beforehand - just let me know:) This will be my LAST race before Holly and my "Race around America" starts up in September.


Wish me luck - I am taking Elle to Six Flags tomorrow. In lieu of a birthday party this year, she asked if 2 of girlfriends and her could go to Six Flags. So here I go... if you don't already know, I get motion sickness from straight walking - no seriously... I can't even swing on the swings at the park - so this should be interesting:)

Enjoy The Day
Ever take breaks from running? Running Saturday in Tower Grove Park? How is training going?


  1. Have fun at Six Flags!!! You may need to pack a "beverage".

  2. You are such an awesome mom! Have an awesome time at Six Flags :)

  3. Thank you so much for getting out there! You are so amazing and I love ya! Can't wait for next month! I took a lot of last week off, too. I got in 13 miles for the week, but should have done so much more. I have a 15k coming up August 25th! Ahhhh!!!Thank you again!

  4. Oh bless your heart! We did Six Flags in March and I was POOPED when we got home.

  5. I feel you on the motion sickness. I've had it for a long time. Bonine is great. It's like Dramamine but doesn't make you sleepy at all and it last for a full 24 hrs. Have fun!!!

    1. Thank you for the advice. I really want to make it through to at least the Mine Train. LOL

  6. Girl, my training is a WRECK!!! I can handle the weekday early runs, but something about getting up on a saturday morning for a long run just isn't clicking with me...searching for my running mojo something fierce!

  7. Have fun at Six Flags! I can't wait to hear your recap. SF has gotten pretty sketchy the past few years!

  8. I get extremely sick in the car, especially the back seat. Oof. I ran my first half 3 months ago and have only ran a few times 3-4 miles due to my back injury/sciatica issue. This past weekend I did a 5K and I actually feel ok, sciatica or back pain.. just normal soreness. I think a week off is just fine when you're training. I once heard you don't really lose your endurance until 2-3 weeks after stopping. Good luck with your upcoming races!

  9. Six Flags? You brave, brave woman! :)

  10. Training is about to begin...eeek! What do you usually do for cross training?

  11. Wowza - what training plan are you following? I'm in week 5 too (Hal Higdon Int) but only up to 8 miles so far! Happy belated bday!

    1. Hey girl... I should only be running 8 this weekend too - but I am going to try and push it to 12. We will see and THANK YOU for the b-day wishes.

  12. I haven't been to Six Flags in so long! You guys should have so much fun, though. I love how little girls get so excited about things. And Elle is just adorable. :)

    Break weeks are always a nice change (of course I've been taking way too many lately). They are needed to give your body a rest so enjoy them!