Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Walk A Mile in Our Shoes Race Re-cap

Saturday, August 17th (Elle's Birthday) I ran the "Walk A Mile In Our Shoes" 5k in Tower Grove park. This race was to raise funds and awareness for the homeless and potentially at risk here in St. Louis. Great cause...

I ate great all week - upped my water intake - and ate well the night before BUT I did incorporate more carbs at dinner - I ate a bagel on top of my dinner... thought that would be okay... BUT... you will see...

I laid out all my clothes and accessories so all I had to do was get up and go in the morning. I don't like worrying about things when I wake up - so I plan ahead and get it ready the night before.

I woke up Saturday and my stomach was somewhat upset, but hey I can push through anything. My allergies were in full gear too... with big puffy eyes and an itchy nose to match. I ate an english muffin, string cheese, banana and had a cup of coffee (my usual). I tried stomaching water but my belly was like "nope - not having it", buy hey I can push through anything, right? No water - no problem... Got myself ready and out the door I went. This was the FIRST race I ever just hopped in the car and went SOLO... and... I got lost... I know... with my MAD navigation skills, who would of "thunk" it? LOL

After I finally got myself turned around and in the right direction. I parked, walked up, and waited to meet up with Marcia from Year Twenty Nine. We were meeting for the first time and she came to watch me race and cheer me on AND I was beyond STOKED... She is so darn beautiful - her skin, honestly, is the MOST perfect I have EVER seen in my life and her smile is beyond amazing. We met up, chit chatted a bit, and then it was start time. I didn't want to run... I wanted to hang out with Marcia, hug on her doggies, and actually get to talk BUT... I was there to run. So off to the start line I went (still not much water in my system).

Marcia took pics for me - I loved it!!!
First mile felt good - really good - and my split pace was 8:04 - not bad Mel... keep it up... BUT... then I hit mile 2 AND... the side cramps started - BAD! My mouth was as dry as the desert and I was lagging. Thirsty and hanging onto my side I slowed - A LOT! Split 2 = 9:15. I felt like I was slowly moving but kept pumping my arms. I wanted to walk and my side cramps were NOT going away BUT... I saw a water station ahead. I wet my whistle and kept at it. My stomach was still upset and the mind was racing "I should be home it's Elles birthday, why didn't I just ditch the race and hang with Marcia, why didn't I make myself drink more water, I want to walk, I want to go home". Ugh... Mind games are no fun.

Mile 3 was no fun at all - the humidity was choking my already thirsty throat and I just wanted the finish line. I saw it - sprinted and DONE... 28 was my finish time. I wasn't thrilled, but hey it was OVER.

I grabbed a water and met up with Marcia to talk a bit and head home to my birthday girl. Snapped a pic and met Shannon who was AAAAAdorable... (she took this pic for us;) Good times and great people...

After the race I went home - looked up my time and guess what?? I was FOURTH for my 30-39 Female age group - WHAAAT?? If I would of pushed it harder I could of placed? AND... now I was ticked at myself like no other. For real, I could of placed... I am competitive - I never have denied that - and this just sets me off. So here is the deal... I had my "ah ha" moment - I freaking LOVE racing and this just lights a fire under me to up my speed and place in one of these dang races! 

I don't race again until the Peoria, IL IVS half marathon, BUT... I might secretly sneak another 5k in there before then or right after and PUSH IT like a mother... GET IT GIRL;)

Conclusion: Drink more water, don't throw a bagel in where not needed, get my IPOD working for some good tunes, stop thinking so much, up that DANG speed, and FREAKING PLACE!!!

P.S. - go over and show my amazing beautiful girl Marcia some love... She, unfortunately, cannot run for some time now and was fitted for a boot yesterday that she must wear for 6 weeks. She is having a rough time today. Injuries are no fun and I am sending her MANY prayers and thoughts today. Hugs girl... 


  1. The moral of the story is to just keep going, don't give up! And you didn't! WTG!

  2. IVS Half what, what!!! I am so excited! I have a 15k this weekend! Aaaahh!! This will be the farthest I have gone to date!!

  3. 28 minutes is so awesome!! But I know what you mean about just wanting to push it harder next time. Good job girl!

  4. Nice job despite your stomach ache.. 28 minutes is great!!! I think my best time was 32 or so :)

  5. Um you're still awesome and amazing because I can barely push my butt through a mile sometimes.

  6. That is a great time!

    p.s. Thank you for telling me about the wall prints on Etsy. I found one for my son's room and can't wait to try it!

  7. Way to push through even though you were feeling crappy. I hate that moment in a race when I question why I'm putting myself through this when I'm not feeling too well. On the other hand, I love when I finish said race and feel really good about myself and remember why I was out there! You're not along :) Way to finish 4th in your age group by the way!

  8. No fun to have to run with an upset tummy, but great job on the finish! Yeah, you didn't place, but you still did awesome.

  9. I'm trying to catch up, so near with me!!!
    That is crazy that's you were fourth!! Way to freaken go!!! Although, that sucks you had the mind games going on...NOT COOL!!
    I want to place in my age group in a race so bad I can't stand it!!! :)
    Let's do the damn thing, already girl!!!
    And I love Marcia!! She is the sweetest!!