Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend On...

I was going to link up with my girl Kimmy today - but I am headed into work early for a bit - then home to take care of the Wes man... So I will link up on Monday... Go link up with her - super fun and we get to learn a little about you... - It's all about "Who You Are"

On that Note... Don't forget about tomorrow night if you are interested. Looking forward to the evening... Any questions, issues getting there, want to meet later on... email me

And... I promise to keep IG to a minimum annoyance this weekend;)

Oh tomorrow morning - an 11 miler is looking at me... Can't wait to knock her out...

Weekend ON
Weekend plans? Leo b-days? Linking up with Kimmy?


  1. You better not keep that IG annoyance to a minimum! I want to see it all!! :)

  2. Wish I was hanging with you tomorrow!! xoxo