Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who Are You - Part III?

One of my favorite people on the planet is hosting this fun link-up. I have skipped out on her on the first 2 parts - so here I am in all my "worst day of the week" glory.... Kimmy girl - here I am:)

Describe 10 Pet Peeves You Have:
1. Chewing with your mouth wide open - please put your hand over it if you MUST talk
2. Leaving doors, drawers, cabinets open - shut them.. it takes not even a second
3. Uggs... sorry I just can't handle their wretchedness anymore.
4. Men who wear nice outfits with tennis shoes... sorry but yes.. Me not a fan...
5. People who don't wave after you let them into the traffic line - a thank you is much appreciated
6. Saying hello or smiling at someone and getting NADA - COME ON!!!!
7. Picking your ears in public - no one wants to see you touch your wax. SICK!
8. Dirt... all of it...
9. Parent's who ignore their children. I mean I get you don't want them to interrupt if you are in mid conversation - but lend your ear to them, they are only children once and deserve your attention.
10. Super painted on eyebrows with bright shimmery lipstick - nuff said...

Describe a Typical Day in Your Current Life...
Wake up, get ready for work, get the kids ready for daycare - take dog out, take kids to daycare, go to work, work, come home, make dinner - enter kids screaming they are starving, eat dinner family style, clean up kitchen, take kids upstairs to hang out, hang out, bath kids, put one kid to bed, run/workout, take a shower, watch baseball (if on), watch 10:00 PM news, go to bed. BOOM!!!!

What's the Hardest Part of Growing Up...
Oh man, this is a hard question. The HARDEST thing????... Hummmm... I believe, for me, it was the inner struggle you have with knowing who you "should be, can be, should out to be" yet... not allowing yourself to follow your mind/heart. Doing for the sake of doing... Not realizing how important you REALLY are...

Describe 5 Weaknesses/Strengths You Have...
Five Strengths...
1. Jumpin in there and not letting fear win.
2. Allowing myself to live life and enjoying the moments
3. Multitasking:)
4. Finding the good in people/situations
5. Smiling through it all
Five Weaknesses
1. Not letting go
2. Not thinking things through
3. Not getting enough "down time"
4. Procrastination
5. Not fully attentively listening while my mind goes a mile a minute

Describe When You Knew Your Spouse Was the One...
Honestly I don't know. There wasn't a moment and when we met, we didn't look at each other from across the room and say "yep that's her/him". We were friends for awhile - he was a typical frat boy and that was that. When we finally started dating he dealt with my sadness from the previous relationship and my crazy Mel status AND didn't go running for the hills. We dated for 5 years before we got engaged and were engaged for 2 years before we actually got married. Before we got engaged - we discussed EVERY POSSIBLE SCENARIO under the sun, making sure our goals/ambitions/morals/etc... matched up. I like to talk those things out - he nodded. Here we are...

Happy Tuesday People...

Biggest Pet Peeve? Strength you have? How long were you engaged?


  1. You didn't know E was the one with the nickname "Wutttttt." :) It's almost your birthday.....ekkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!

  2. Love you girl! People not waving in traffic just flashese back to the roaring dino and E driving us around! Hahahah

  3. When people chew with their mouth open, I can kind of feel rage building up inside me. HATE IT! I also correct grammar in my head, but someday I'm going to go off on someone that says, "I seen." lol

  4. We share so many pet peeves. Number 2 for sure. I can't stand it. My husband just can't seem to shut a drawer all the way. Leaves them all cracked. I feel like I have to follow after him pushing drawers in.

  5. Our weakness are exactly the same. I can't let shit go to save my life and I'm constantly going full steam ahead. I'm just wired that way I guess.

    Hey, I saw your kids attend The Goddard School. Any words of wisdom? We are thinking about sending Ryan to the one that's opening up in our area next month.

  6. Aw, I love the end of this post!!

  7. Sorry I couldn't meet up this weekend. I love your pet peeves. I am the same way with doors, drawers etc. Pisses me off to no end when I walk into the kitchen and see the lazy susan door open or walk into the bedroom and see a closet door open... no one wants to see your crap. Also the chewing is annoying but I will add to that when people knock their spoon or fork against their teeth. It makes my skin crawl.

  8. People should ALWAYS wave to silently thank you for your generosity while in traffic- agreed!

    My child always leaves her drawers OPEN! ARGGGHHHHhh...Killin me.

    And I am so sad;( I LOVE UGGS. I would surgically attach them to my feet if I could. So comfy.

  9. Nothing makes me angrier than when I let someone in and I don't get a wave back. A-holes. because of that, I think I am an over waver!

    Tomorrow is your birthday pretty lady! (like you didn't already know that)!

  10. We have a lot of the same pet peeves!! lol .. Close Yo Mouth! And for the love of God if I let your ass over, when I don't HAVE to the least you could do is throw your ever livin' hand up!! =) ha ha ha!! Fun post!

  11. Yes to almost all of that. Enjoy your birthday eve!

  12. Not waving when someone lets you in is a total a-hole move.

    Hubs and I dated for 4 years, engaged for 1, and got married exactly 5 years later on the date we met :)

  13. I totally agree with you on the no waving or smiling thing - this morning at the gym I smiled at this lady because I wanted to know if she got her tattoo done locally, and she totally looked at me like I was a stalker...ugh!! And You should have seen the crazy ex-wife this weekend - talk about painted on eyebrows and shiny lipstick, oh and the best part - she gained all the weight I just lost - baaahahahahaha :) So evil - but so deserved :)

  14. Ok, grossest thing ever, sorry in adnavce. After my first mat leave I went back to work and we had a receptionist there covering another girls mat leave. This new receptionist was a year younger than me, cute, super friendly and pretty much awesome. Until her bad habit of digging in her ear and LICKING it came out!!! So mother effing gross!! I didn't see it until another girl told me, then I was sitting up front one day talking and she did it. Then every time I talked to her she did it at least twice!! WTF!! It was like she didn't even know she was doing it. I think I barfed in my mouth a few times seeing it!

  15. My biggest pet peeve is when my husband leaves papers/magazines all over the table!!! Aahhh!!! Just throw them away. And he will leave his empty cans/bottles on the table! Totally agree with the waiving/traffic jam thing. We were engaged for almost 2 years before we got married. August 17th is our first wedding anniversary!

  16. Uh oh, I am with Meredith, I love Uggs. I even own Ugg slippers, as well as boots. But I get it, they aren't very pretty. AND...mine were both gifts from my sis, so I have to like them, right??? I am with you on all the rest!!

  17. When are you going to start taking sponsors, my dear? :)

    OMG, picking at ANYTHING in public is so super disgusting!!! Makes me gag. And if they don't wave when I let them in I flip them off or give them 'the fist'. Next time I won't be so nice, Asshole!!! :) <-- pregnancy hormone issues, ha ha!

  18. Ok...I only wear my Uggs at home in the fall/winter. Haha! I have the "letting go" weakness myself.