Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Sorry guys I am too tired to post today... Waaaaay to tired to write up my race re-cap from Saturday. I had school until 9:30 last night - running with kids solo for a few days - and meetings all day. I am adjusting - we all are...

So here are a few pics from yesterday and today... I will be back tomorrow...

Elle's First Day of Kindergarten...

Wes's First Day of Sunrays

Infamous "Sunglasses in the Car" pic and I am PALE... I need sun...

Tuesday (worst day of the week) Out...


  1. They are seriously too cute! And if you need a tan, hop a plane to Florida!!

  2. Love that she will wear her jumper. I remember when mine would wear theirs....not anymore! Now it's the lame shorts and polo. anything to look more like the high school girls.

  3. Got nothing but love for ya, bustin' ass & takin' names. xoxox

  4. I have the best stuff for self tanning yourself. I get it at my supply house I can always send you aome. It's amazeballs mama! We start school tomorrow :(
    Ps there is a Des Moines marathon here in October. And a 5k. You and holly should come. Or there is what's called the Dam to Dam which is 12 miles. I need friend motivation :)

    1. If you come to DSM, I may just have to kick my running into high gear to join! :)

  5. They are adorable! Elle looks so cute in her uniform, and Wes is such the ladies man!

    I have said it before and I will say it again... You are freaking super woman!

  6. Mel, your babies are SO SO cute!!!! Loving Elle in her uniform! And Wes is such a little stud! :)

  7. They are too precious--I love how excited and proud Elle looks in her tiny uniform!

  8. They're so cute! The picture you had posted onto Instagram of Elle's first day where she is holding Wes's hand, SO SWEET.

  9. Hope your first day back to school went well! The kids are so cute, naturally. Maybe you can some time outside this weekend, it is supposed to be hot again!

  10. How did Mama handle her first day?