Monday, September 16, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 10 Update

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, Sept 9th - 4 miles or Rest / REST
Tuesday, Sept 10th - 3 miles or Cross Train / REST
Wednesday, Sept 11th - 10 min easy pace 20 min goal pace / 4.5 MILES
Thursday, Sept 12th - Rest / REST
Friday, Sept 13th- 6 miles / 13 MILES
Saturday, Sept 14th- Rest / 4.5 MILES
Sunday, Sept 15th - 13 miles / 6 MILES

Total Miles Week 10 of Training = 28 MILES

I cranked out the miles this weekend and so glad I did. I am feeling really good about the Fort4Fitness half coming up next weekend. Besides the fact I am beyond thrilled to be seeing some of my close friends and meeting new friends, I REALLY want to kick booty on this course.

Sunday started my official MARATHON training. The training schedule I will be following is HERE. This week's schedule looks like this:

M / 3-4 Miles
T / 3-4 Miles
W / 4 Miles
TR/ Cross Train or Rest
F / 4-6 Miles
S / Rest
SU / 8-10 Miles

Looks like we are here folks... ready to begin training for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. I also wanted to send everyone over to Holly's blog for an amazing recap of her donation page from Friday - please take a moment and read HERE.

I have a question - what do you eat before your long runs? I eat my usual - english muffin with pb, string cheese, and banana BUT I have noticed I do so much better on an empty stomach, but I am afraid that is not good. I ran 13 miles on Friday on an empty stomach with a pack of GU Chomps at mile 7 and it felt great. So not sure - your thoughts?

My weekend was very nice and relaxing. I got TONS of housework done, spent time making fatty dinners (Meatloaf on Friday, Saturday ribs, and Sunday Spaghetti Carbonara), put up my Halloween decorations (too many decorations throw me into a downward spiral of "freaked out"), watched tons of sports, ran, practiced golf with my babies, and studied for my mid-term... which is TONIGHT!

Tomorrow's post is in honor of my girl Erin from Homemade Happenings - she wrote how she wants to know more about "Mel" in day to day life - so tomorrow's post will be a CURRENT "Day in Life of Me".

Monday Out
How is your training going? Thoughts on fueling? Started fall cooking like a mad person yet, like me?


  1. I only do "fall" decorations because Halloween freaks me out! Lol but my kiddos are getting info this Halloween stuff so I'm changing my ways!! :)

  2. I totally plan on getting out my fall/Halloween decor this weekend.

    PS-Loving the new look of the blog.

  3. I run on a cup of coffee only- no food. Anything over 6 miles is when I add fuel during the run.

  4. I usually drink a little water, eat a banana.. sometimes I will also eat 1/2 of a protein type bar.. fall cooking- yep- Chili with cornbread!

  5. I can only run with no food but lots of water. Even a banana or something makes me feel sick for some reason??

  6. I am so jealous! I need to get my fall/halloween stuff out. Maybe this weekend? Good luck on your midterm. You are going to rock it!

  7. I just asked these same questions about fueling (and hydrating) in my training recap today! I'm training for my first half marathon and am curious what/when other people eat/drink. Good luck with your marathon training!

  8. Your fatty cooking weekend sounds amazing. Yum. Your kids were super cute practicing their golf!

  9. Fall foods sound great! I need to get out the decorations also. Thanks for the inspiration for the running schedule. Hope you don't mind if I use it also? Love the new blog look!

  10. I usually run on an empty stomach too. For my half marathons(actual races) I would eat a banana and a GU before the start...but if I get up at home and run from my house my tummy is always empty and it works for me. GU after about 4.5 - 5 miles depending on the distance.

  11. I like toe at a little something, but nothing heavy. I feel like I can really move my butt too on near empty!

  12. I always run on an empty stomach. Anything longer than 8 miles, I'll bring a protein bar with me - just in case I feel my energy waning - but generally I don't even eat that.

  13. I do a 1/2c oatmeal with brown sugar, and add in some shot blocks along the way. I do notice that I'm not as tired if I rehydrate along the way. But closer to empty works for me. Girl I give you mad props for doing this marathon. It is no joke! Sounds like you had a great weekend...mmmmm meatloaf.

  14. I havent really done a "long" run yet in my running career, but I do a Special K waffle before most runs or a banana - I find that if I dont have something I run out of gas quickly...and I thought our race is the 28th - not next weekend!!!!! And I cant wait to meet you!!!

  15. I usually eat toast with peanut butter on it before a long run. I tend to feel sick if I eat much more than that. See you in a few days!!!!!!

  16. The not eating before the runs scares me, but that's b/c I would be a jittery mess afterwards. No advice on that, obviously, but am curious what you find out from others.

    Wow, can't wait for tomorrow's post!!! :)

    Do you have short/mini semesters?? Seems like you just started class, how are you having midterms already??? Good luck!!

  17. I don't eat anything before I run, ever! Race day my nerves are too bad and during training it's so early I am lucky to get dressed before I walk out the door. I prefer a Honey Stinger or Shot Block mid run if I'm feeling depleated. I typically only do "supplements" during races...

  18. Half a Zone perfect bar, english muffin with jelly (sometimes just half) and a banana. I wish I could do peanut butter, but it *ahem* doesn't *ahem* agree with me.

  19. I usually run best on and empty stomach. Bt that's usually bc I wake up and I'm out the door in 10 minutes. On race days I might eat a banana or PB toast.

  20. You are a rockstar! Good luck on your marathon training you will do great!
    I nominated you for that lovely sunshine award it will be on the blog tomorrow. :)