Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 9 Update & No Regrets

Oh... I am getting a new look... YAY... today's posts might be a little bumpy as my FAV HJ works his magic... I am stoked!!!

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, Sept 2nd - 4 miles or Rest / 4 Miles
Tuesday, Sept 3rd - 3 miles or Cross Train / 6 MILES
Wednesday, Sept 4th - 4 miles / 4 Miles
Thursday, Sept 5th - Rest / REST
Friday, Sept 6th- 6 miles / 3 MILES
Saturday, Sept 7th- Rest / REST
Sunday, Sept 8th - 6 miles / 6.55 MILES

Total Miles Week 9 of Training = 23.55 MILES


Shall we discuss the IVS Peoria, IL Half Marathon? Yeah... if you want to read recaps - you can read Holly's or Sami's.

Here is my recap... It was the first race I ever quit and honestly I don't regret it AT ALL. It was NOTHING but steep incline hills and my knees were aching... I knew by mile 5 I was DONZO. I have 3 halves coming up and a full in December I am NOT going out on a course like that. NOPE - ain't having it! Sometimes your body just knows and mine was saying "save those hip flexors baby..." so I listened and I have NO REGRETS. Very proud of Laura, Holly, and Sami for finishing a hard core course like that. It was wonderful to be a part of Running for Maggie and maybe we will even get together more for her.

I finished 6.55 and then was able to sit on the sidelines and see the finishers who placed come in. It was amazing. I have NEVER been on the "watching" side of the race and it was an amazing experience. I watched the first male come in, then the first female - grueling I tell you. These people were BEASTS - anyone who finished that course was a beast...

I believe things happen for a reason - me stopping let me be able to see how hard these people work to make the times they did. It let me watch them huff & puff, make weird noises, and collapse at the finish line. Honestly it started a fire inside... Kind of put the "HELL YEAH" back in motivation for me. Sparked a desire to crank this shiz up...

Am I a quitter - sure I am... but I don't regret it, it lead me to find that motivation I was lacking... and watch out people cause it's BACK!


  1. No regrets! That course sounds brutal. Even doing one loop sounded tough!

  2. This makes me love you even more!!! It's so motivating to see you get your spark back but it also shows a raw realness. You didn't back down or get embarassed. You owned it, you had to quit. You also reminded people the importance of listening to their bodies. Not listening causes injuries. This happened to me and I ended up losing all my motivation and became discouraged.

  3. I can tell by reading your blog how hard you work. Deciding that you need to stop in the middle of the race took a lot of guts. Good for you for listening to your body and saving your hip for another day. Looking forward to Fort4Fitness!

  4. I wouldn't say you are a quitter, you are smart! You listened to your body and didn't push yourself to injury! You have a busy running season ahead, I wouldn't worry about it! :)

  5. You are anything but a quitter!!!!

  6. You are not a quitter! You just flew through that first loop in an hour and knew better than to do it again. :) And I'm pretty sure you are from South County for using the word "ain't." LOL Right, K9Bish??

    1. yes no contractions in west county. HA!

  7. Whoa, whoa! Quitter??? No ma'am! Hush that talk. Smart runner. That is what you are. No need to risk injury when you just KNOW it could happen. Not worth it.

  8. I am loving the new look. Your not a quitter, your body just knows when to stop to prevent injury. I am doing the Hot Chocolate run in December. Are you doing any STL runs? I nominated you for two awards. Details are on todays blog.

  9. You're awesome! And, love the new blog design!

  10. Love the new look! HJ always does such a good job! And I think you made the hard, but smart decision during that half! I'm glad watching the race got you fired up! I felt that way after I watched "Spirit of the Marathon" and I've been trying to get Pete to go watch the finish line at a marathon that's happening over our upcoming vacation. He's not too keen on it, but I've still got time! :)

  11. Love your new look and new outlook :) There is nothing about being a quitter when youre listening to your body :) You did the smart thing - hands down :) Great job for finding the bright side of the whole thing - sometimes that's the hardest part of it all!

  12. I love your new look!!! But I had a hard time reading, the font is pretty small. Just a small piece of constructive criticism, hope you don't mind. :)

    Don't call yourself a quitter. You listened to your body and you should be proud of that instead of trying to push too hard and hurt yourself before all of your other races. You did great, girl!

  13. Love you and the new look!!! You are not a quitter....just listened to your body!! :)

  14. Girl...you did right you listened to your body. I can't believe you even ran during the week knowing that you had a race on Sunday. You are a total Rockstar. I'm proud of you for stopping and not injuring yourself. And who plans a half marathon on a gravel road...that is just a recipe for disaster.