Monday, September 23, 2013

Marathon Training Week 1 Update

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in GREENISH BLUE
Monday, Sept 16th - 3 miles or Rest / REST
Tuesday, Sept 17th - 3-4 miles or Cross Train / REST
Wednesday, Sept 18th - 4 miles / 5 Miles
Thursday, Sept 19th - Cross Train or Rest / 4 Miles
Friday, Sept 20th- 4-6 miles / 4 Miles
Saturday, Sept 21st- Rest / 10 Miles
Sunday, Sept 22nd - 8-10 miles / REST

Total Miles Week 1 of Training = 23 MILES

Week ONE of Marathon training went fairly well. I probably could of squeezed in 5 or 6 more miles somewhere in there, but honestly my legs were on fire. Super sore from 4 days straight and I started to incorporate hills a bit more, so my tush and hips were extremely sore.

I have noticed my appetite decreasing, not sure this is a good thing. I used to come home after a long run and devour my pantry and whatever was in it BUT... it is not like this recently. I am decreasing my food intake before my runs and that is really helping me. I then eat my pack of GU Chomps around mile 7 or 8. I always thought I had to eat, eat, eat before long runs (or so I have read/been told) and that is just not the case for me. I eat a little something and do just fine, if not better.  I have also been running with my water and this is COMPLETELY helping me to keep hydrated, which I also think might be why I have not been devouring food too. Hydration is important. I AM, however, eating a good dinner and that seems to do okay for me for the early morning long runs the following day.

Finding the time is hard these days. We had a weekend packed with things going on and I should of got in around 6 miles on Sunday but... I snuggled my babies instead. I am learning balance and flexibility and that is okay...

I have also realized that when I don't run you might not want to be around me when that 2nd day hits. Running is my outlet and thank GAWD I found one that doesn't involve tequila and the dougie;)


This weekend was filled with fall fun. Eckert's for apples and family fun, decorating the house with the few decorations I will allow, baking, hanging out on the patio, watching spooky (kid-friendly) movies, and getting the kids pumped for fall.

 Happy Monday

Sore? Any races this weekend you can fill me in on? Fall fun started yet?


  1. Maybe your body is just adjusting to the longer runs and doesn't need as much fuel? I have no idea, I'm no expert here. Clearly. Btw, if I haven't said it yet, I love the new layout! So pretty.

  2. I am finding the same thing too. I usually am so excited to eat whatever I want after a good long run but this weekend I really didn't go overboard AT ALL! I think we are getting enough to fuel our runs and that is most important. If we lean out some that can't hurt either right??

  3. I was super sore on my outer thighs yesterday post 11 miles and the baby was up all night due to her head cold, can I go back to bed now? ;-) Also love your new blog design!

  4. What time were you at Eckerts? We were there in the afternoon yesterday. The kids had a blast. I on the other hand almost had to pull a momma bear out of my back pocket on several occasions. Not sure what is wrong with people, but good god... Watch your freaking kids!!!

  5. I don't eat before running, unless I'm running 10+ and I usually eat like 1/2 a protein bar. I just signed up for another half in October so ill be running this fall too :) Loving the cooler weather!

  6. Glad your fuel adjustment is working...changing your routine is always SO hard!!! I usually get my long runs in on Saturday and it got rained out over the weekend. Needless to say, I was on a warpath until about a mile in to my run Sunday morning, stupid weather!

  7. You are going to kill it in Ft. Wayne! Way to go :)

  8. Looks like you're figuring things out! You're going to kick that races butt!

  9. I love the fireplace decor! And I will start marathon training next week. I am still in denial. ;)

  10. Do what works for you. Sone people need a lot of food. Some people just need a little. Some need carbs others need protein:) I like protein. Bring on the steak. I am still sore after the marathon on Sunday owie!!! 5k breast cancer run on Oct 5th and 10k Africa Hope Run for my Team Triumph on Oct 19th. Good luck on your training girl. Be careful not to overtrain you'll end up with injuries. And stretch, roll, massage.

  11. Nice work this week! I'm realizing I need to start running with water. You are so right with hydrating. What do you run with?