Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Agenda and *cough cough* Goals

It's Tuesday baby (the worst day of the week) and if you follow me on IG (@missmel_joy) you know I sat behind a car today, in traffic, with the most absurd thing posted on the back window... Ugh... So..yeah I am off to a GREAT start... LOL

I have a TON of fun things to recap for you from the weekend - like HubbyJack's surprise 30th party from Friday night (he's 30 TODAY and you can read sweet Holls tribute HERE)

Or... the "fake" camping trip from hell in K9Bish's backyard

BUT... those will have to wait...

Today I am going over my September Agenda and Goals...

September 8th - (this Sunday) I am running the IVS half marathon in Peoria, IL
September 14th - official MARATHON TRAINING begins (St. Jude Marathon in Memphis on Dec 7th)
September 28th - I am running the Fort4Fitness half marathon in Ft. Wayne, IN

I am keeping it to just the two halves this month and I will not be racing any 5k's - because October I am running a few more halves and still training for the marathon.

I have jumped on the bandwagon with my girl Melissa from My Life as Folz (thank you for my sunshine award I will have it up this week girl;).

- Plank a Day Challenge... (with Melissa)
- Squats every day - find the dang time...
- Stick to my training schedule
- One cheat day a week - yes a whole day because my meals turn into a day... no shame in the game...
- No Swedish Fish ALL month - I am dying on the inside thinking about this...
- Booze... ONCE a week - that's it... shouldn't be too terrible, but football and beer go together like Big Sexy hairspray and me;)

Well there you have it. I am REALLY hoping to shed at LEAST 7 lbs this month... Yes 7, because I like that number... I will weigh in tomorrow not sure if I will post it but I will be weighing in. LOL...

Happy Tuesday Peeps

Weekend fun? Goals for September? Camping fiasco stories for me?


  1. I need to get to squating too....I am just worried about tiring my legs out while doing so much running. I am sure my ass will thank me later though.
    and NO Sweedish Fish for a month? Ok, where is MEl??

  2. I love how you casually mention you are keeping it to two halves this month... you are a BEAST! I am hoping our plank challenge and eating mostly clean will help me drop a few myself, running my half next month would be a lot easier if I weighed a little less!

    Thanks for the sweet shout out! :)

  3. How do you give up Swedish Fish for a month? Crazy girl. I still can't believe you are doing two half marathons this month, but I'm sure you will rock them both!

  4. I am totally doing the plank a day challenge! Just what I need to get rid of this baby flab! :) Good luck on your halfs you will do great!

  5. I love your camping! Too cute!

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. How can a fake backyard camping trip go wrong? I'm dying to know!!

    Also, I think you're a total bad-ass for "keeping it to just the two halves this month." Just two. You know, taking 'er easy. Obvz

  7. "I'm just keeping it to 2 halves this month." Bahhh!!! I die, you're such a bad ass! 7lbs has to be at least 15% of your body weight, you should jump on the SkinnyMeg Diet Bet bandwagon that's running rampant these days. :) Mel's bringin' home the dough! happy week, friend!

  8. Uhhhh Big Sexy Hair???? Did we just become best friends? LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff, ex-pageant girl here! Hollaback!

  9. You can do it! All of it.

    I'm doing a no spend September (gotta put our deposits down for Mexico by the end of the month, plus my BFF's wedding and various other required $$ spending events) and a squat September!

  10. I don't know how you do it! I always try to have a bunch of goals and participate in various challenges, but it's almost too much to manage :) I'll be tagging along though and keeping up with your training! Good luck this weekend!

  11. This post just blew my mind. First, how do you find the time to do all this marathon training and squatting while I'm over here like, who drank my last strawberita? Second, that chick in the blue shirt from HJ's b-day party is HOT and totally not drunk or awkward. Third, you're brave for doing anything outside. Yuck.


  13. What are you using to train for your full?

  14. You rock girl. I seriously admire your drive. Two races so close together is badass. I wish I could join ya but I'll be cheering for you from afar. Good luck on kicking the Swedish Fish to the curb. I love sweets!!!

  15. Seriously, I love how you make such big goals for yourself, and I just know that you can rock these goals. Two half marathons this month and a "few" next month? Wow. I'm super amazed. I'm finally getting back to the couch to 5k after my foot surgery and I can only hope to achieve what you have! :)