Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To You My Children...

I am linking up today with my girl Holly (the link up QUEEN B). I am writing a letter to the future Elle and Wes. Sorry the "Day in Life" post will eventually get here;)


Dear future Elle Rose,
     Your high school years were tough on your mama - as we butted heads over many, many, many issues. See, your mom has seen it ALL and done it ALL so you couldn't pull much over on me - one day you will thank me for all those times I didn't "let you go" to farm parties, made you stick to your word on curfew, caught me parked outside where you said you "were" with my binoculars, etc... You WILL thank me one day;) 

    You have spunk, charisma, and an attitude - some might consider you a little "over the top" but I know that this will make you a GREAT person in the long run. You march to the beat of your own drum and I admire that quality about you. You smile at the world as if you own it and my dear you DO. You laugh often and don't take life too seriously. When you walk in the room... the world stops for a moment and ENTERS the girl with the big brown eyes, long flowing brown hair, electric smile, and fierce attitude. You are confident and strong and that makes me so proud.

   You are also gentle and kind and exude a warmth about you. I will never forget in pre-school when your teacher told me that you were the child who helped the children out who were "different" from the rest. You made them feel welcome with that beautiful smile and warm hug. I will never forget at Six Flags when you had your girlfriends with you - and a little girl was in line by herself in front of you all and you motioned for her to come sit next to you and enjoy the ride as a fun group. My heart might have grown a bit bigger that day. 

     I am most certain you have left this tiny city of St. Louis far behind and are basking in the California sun (you know I will be there at least twice a month parked on the beach outside your backdoor). You are enjoying your career, dating up a storm, taking life by the horns and showing it who is boss - yet all the while being the kind good hearted woman I know you will be.

    No matter where life takes you my sweet angel, I will be there dancing and singing with you along every step of the way. You have taught ME so much and I am honored I was chosen to be your mother. I love you Ellie Bell, no more, no baby... MOST.

Dear future Wesley Charles, 
     Your high school years were fairly easy. You basically went with the flow with a few bumps in the road here or there. You play football, hang out with your friends, and study (occasionally). You drive around in your car with the windows down bumping your rap like mama used to (you know I love to sup up your ride:) You do not have a steady girlfriend, because you listened to your mom and "played the field". You enjoyed your high school years, especially because your sister is away in California at college. Yes... and your welcome that we allow you to come along with us when we visit her - because you KNOW I am not going to leave you alone to throw house parties and trash my house when I am gone. Been there, done that... 

     You are funny and fun and people genuinely enjoy being around you. You can make people laugh, yet also grab their heart with your calm and loving nature. You are the hit at parties but also make an extra effort to include those that might sit on the out circles. You are a good man Wesley and everyone can see that.

    You are passionate about your values and morals, yet have the ability to see the other side of things. You are open minded and caring and I am so proud of that quality in you. You go with the flow and enjoy life, yet have a passion and ambition to better yourself and those around you.  You make us proud. So very very proud.

   Women will come in and out of your life - women are all crazy - remember that. We can love you, entice you, and hurt you like no other. Be true to yourself and love who YOU are. When the right woman comes along you will know it - she will be JUST like your mother;) She will love to laugh with you every day, she will take the good with the bad, she will support and encourage you, she will listen and not judge, she will look at you in a special way that she doesn't look at others, and will stand by your side proudly. But always remember there is ONE woman that will never turn her back on you, love you through every failure, and always be here to stand by your side proudly - your mama!!! I love you little bumble bee - to the moon and back.

That was not as easy as I thought to get through *tear*. I also hope you kiddos get your bums here for every Holiday and ON TIME! Just remember that one:)

     Oh Happy Day


  1. These melted my hear and perhaps mare my eyes teary. LOVE those two little ones!! They cannot grow up... they just can't!!

  2. So sweet! You are such a fun mom!!

    BTW- My Marley and I should meet up with you and Elle in CA one day!

  3. These letters! These were great. You made me tear up a little big!!!

  4. Oh so very sweet!! Loved how each letter was so very different. :)

  5. So, so sweet!! I can't do this link up, would make me cry too much!

  6. so, so, very sweet! It's so emotional thinking about the future for your child!

  7. Gretta is coming because I totally have tears in my eyes. One of your best posts, ever!

  8. So so so sweet! And they are so stinkin' cute! They don't know yet just how lucky they are to have such a kick ass Mommy like you!