Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You Wanna Know & High School Dance Link Up

Thank you all so much for responding to my post about what you would like to hear more about. If you want to read it - it is HERE. I have some GREAT ideas now. I needed help getting out of my blogging rut and you all came through with flying colors. I am going to try and hit on everyone's requests next week:) I can't wait...

Today I am going to be tackling Chrissy's request(s)...

What are my interests, hobbies, etc...? 

- I am a huge sports fan. I would rather watch sports over ANYTHING on television. I will pass up your b-day party if I am invited to a game (well it depends;). I am a St. Louis Cards mama first, St. Louis Blues freak second, Rams fan - NOT fair weather, and now a Patriots girl (thanks Danny Amendola), Mizzou girl, and Billikens lova... Take me to a game and we are GOLDEN!

- I enjoy cooking A LOT, when I have the time. I LOVE baking, but try not to often because I will eat the whole dang loaf of pumpkin bread in one sitting.

- I run - you all know that... but I try to find races where the money goes to certain charities/fundraisers that mean something to me.

- Music is right up there with running for me. I am a die hard rap girl but you might not know that Stevie Nicks is my number one favorite of all time. Beautiful lady - wrote about her awhile back HERE. Growing up my Dad and Mom would listen to music while they did everything from clean the house to watching sports games. They built that love for music in me and I am so glad they did. Now... my mom MIGHT not be into big booty hoes - up wit it! but hey... if I can love her Corey Hart - she can love my 2 Live Crew;)

- People are my interest. I love meeting new people and being around people. I am not a person who loves to be alone - granted I can handle it for awhile - but I love being around friends and family. I thrive off the energy of people.

- Food - I am interested in food a little TOO much.

What is something you might not guess about me? 

Oh... this is a good one... I would love to pose this question for my IRL friends - what did you find out about me that you wouldn't have guessed?

- I, of course, called my homie Beth for help on this one... I have four tattoos - you can read about them HERE, I had a pixie haircut in high school, I wore bibs (shut it Beth so did you;), AND... I used to smoke cigs until I turned 21. I know... I know... who would of thunk it? LOL...


Oh... yesterday I spoke about Trent Edwards HERE and I bet those of you who didn't know who he was, didn't look him up (shame on you), so I did it for you...Your welcome.

Also the adorable Amy from "The Story of Us" is hosting a fabulous link-up today for "Throw Back Thursday" regarding High School Dances... How fun is that:)


Sooooo here we go...

Homecoming Freshman Year 1994 - METALLICS BABY
Just "what" all around? Choker Dresses RULE!
Homecoming Senior Year - yes the belly is sheer and cut out - I was waaaaaaaay too fashion forward in 1998;) 

There you have it folks:)

Stay Classy

Fav dish to cook? Pixie Cut girl? Are you linking up?


  1. I have to see this pixie cut and the bib overalls lady!!!

  2. I love your high school dance photos! Thanks so much for linking up with TBT this week! :-)

  3. I love to bake, hate to cook.... unless I'm cooking for a crowd (insert Ree Drummond) and then I can cook up a storm. My hubs is the typical "hungry but no idea what he's hungry for" so I always seem to be in a cooking rut. But I'm always the one you can count on to bring the yummy sweets to the party and when I do bring those sweets to the party you can bet your hiney I'm leaving the left overs! I will scarf in one sitting if I bring them home!! :)

  4. I HATE baking bc I suck balls at it! but I will cook a meal for 20 hungry firemen after a 6 hour fire any day of the week!
    I have rocked the pixie cut also. embarrassingky enough... more then once!

  5. That choker dress is legit!!! I love the intro with more Mel facts!

  6. I agree! Bibs and pixie pics, please... Then I'll post my bowl haircut and turtleneck under WNBA jerseys pictures ;) haha

  7. Now I want to see that pixie cut!! Next time I'm in town, we'll have to go to a Cubs/Cards game!!

  8. OMG the choker!! hahahaha

    im glad i am one of your people!

  9. you always pull through on these link ups! ;) Love it and you!

    Pixie cuts?? no, but just about to whack it all off. It's driving me nuts. doubt I go all 'pixie' on it tho.

  10. Aw thanks Mel! I love this. Your never would have guessed got me! I used to be a smoker too! Wow! I'm def also a people person as well. I love meeting new people, learning their interests, and all. I am very glad I met you via blogging. I hope one day it can be IRL. You are a great person. I really appreciate all your advice and listening during this traveling struggle I'm having right now.

  11. Love the metallic dress and the CHOKER! Hilarious what was trendy back in our day, huh? :)

  12. Love it - metallic and a choker and lace cutouts :)

  13. Love Stevie Nicks too but we've discussed this already ;) I had a pixie/boy hair cut in like 5th grade. Oof. It looks great on some people though! My favorite dish to cook is good ol' pasta with meat sauce (cooked with red wine). I don't know why, maybe because it smells so good! I love to bake too. Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon.. yum.. and it's that time of year :)

  14. Not gonna lie..that choker dress with the ridiculously high slit might just be my fave! ;)

  15. Your teeth are way too white to have been a former smoker!!! Haha!! I would have never guessed about the tattoos either!!!

  16. I'm with ya on the baking. I love to do it but will eat way to much. I usually save the big baking for Christmas.

  17. Those dresses are AMAZING!

    And let's be real... Who didn't smoke cigs?