Monday, October 14, 2013

Advocare Take 3

Morning everyone. Sorry I have been slackin on my pimpin AKA not able to get on IG, twitter, etc... my phone is dead and will not charge, yet again... So I am without phone for the second time in a week. Please feel free to email me at

I will have my race recap from the Go St. Louis Halloween Half tomorrow (phone dead so a race recap without pics is no fun) - today is about CLEANSING. 

Tomorrow many of us start the Advocare Cleanse. You all know that I had great results the first time I did this and that is because I actually stuck to the plan consistently... Read about it HERE - If you are not sure what Advocare is - you can read about it HERE 

Holly and I decided we wanted to do the cleanse to jump start our healthy eating. I have been racing so much lately and my eating habits are not the best right now. So I called up my girl Ashley who is a distributor and she jumped on board too. YAY... Ashley's button is on the right side of my page if you are interested in purchasing or you can click HERE. You can read about her profit's going to Baby Harper HERE

Tomorrow is the DAY... if you are on board - read THIS - it was my "bible" during the first cleanse and it was a GREAT resource... I will be doing a small section in my posts each day regarding how I am feeling what I am eating, etc... it helps... Don't forget to use the hashtag #HELLanie on IG, twitter, etc... so we can all support/encourage one another through this. I always do better when I know others are with me;)

Also check out Holly's page today - she has great info...

Best of luck to everyone who is joining in the cleansing fun and as soon as my phone is back up and running I will be back on IG, twitter, etc... Right now it will be email and my blog for a bit and please feel free to email me...

Cleansing ON - YOU IN?


  1. Thank you for posting the link to "the bible". I will definitely be reading this. I can't wait to rock this cleanse!

  2. I'll be taking good notes on your adventure! I'm cleansing next month. Yay! (or something like that :) )

  3. I would love to try it but truth be scares the crap out of me. I'm afraid I won't be able to complete the whole cleanse. I need to give a try at least, I know you all get some amazing results from it. Good luck to you!! I'm sure you will do great!

  4. Good luck on the cleanse! I totally plan on doing one of these when I'm finished breast-feeding! Thanks for the "bible" I'm going to check it out. I hope you can get your phone all fixed up, I hate being without mine!

  5. My husband and I decided in GNC yesterday to do a GNC brand 14 day cleanse! Soooo, I will be with you guys (IF we decide to start tomorrow! It may run into my Halloween festivities!). From my comparisons they seem to be pretty similar to Advocare! I hope I can make it!!!

  6. I was not a fan of the cleanse when I did it, but I know that you had great results. Good luck to you!

  7. Mine isn't here yet but it has been ordered!

  8. I"m in!!! And actually, I'm excited about it!! BRING IT ON!!!! P.S. we must fix this phone situation.... I'm a little stressed out about not being able to text you! :)

  9. I'll be over here cleansing with Strawberitas and snack size Take 5 bars, good luck :)

  10. If you happen to have an iPhoneyou might try this. Plug it into the charger in, then turn it off. Leave it that way for several hours then check to see if it charged. Mine will only charge if its turned off. Dang inconvenient but it works ....

    Good Luck with the Cleanse!

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