Monday, October 21, 2013

Advocare Update and Monday Thangs...

Monday, it's here. Cards are going to the World Series and I am eating sushi on Friday night. Two focal points this week;)

Advocare Update

Today is Day 7 and I made it through the weekend. Here are a few things I am noticing/have noticed:
-  Not hungry often
-  Drinking a ton of water
-  Running on the cleanse is extremely hard - feeling like not much in me to keep going out there.
-  Crabbiness is fading
-  Skin looking clear
-  No stomach issues
-  More tired than usual
-  Sleeping great

I am chugging along just fine... I have my moments when those Russel Stover Coconut Haystacks are screaming my name from my pantry, when my kids are enjoying the biscuits and gravy I made for breakfast, and/or when I see someone drinking a cold beer BUT... it's getting easier.

Typical Food for the day...
Breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana
Snack - apple
Lunch - this nut mix I made (raisins, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc...), carrots, and chicken breast
Snack - edamame
Dinner - protein, veggie, and fruit

I have been downing water like no other - and I am STILL drinking my coffee WITH cream. We are over the half way mark here - and in the home stretch. Only 4 more days to go. YAY! Then, Friday I am hitting up my favorite sushi spot with my 4 homegirls. I miss them and can't wait to eat, drink, and plan our Chitown trip in June. It's our 35th b-day girls trip (one year early)... #leggo

This upcoming week, my marathon training schedule had me scale back to 24 miles, but honestly... the cleanse HAD me scale it back even more. I ran a total of 18 miles this week - those 6 I needed to get in, I am chalking up to lack of energy and/or carbs.

This week my marathon training schedule looks like this:
Monday - 4 miles
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - Rest or Cross Train
Friday - 6 miles
Saturday - Rest or Cross Train
Sunday - 14 miles

Monday Out
How is the cleanse going for you? How was your weekend? Going to be in Chicago in June?


  1. Lol I actually turn 35 in June. Lol. Good luck with the cleanse. Your a stronger woman then me:)

  2. Miss your face on IG lovie! Sounds like you are doing amaze on the cleanse! I've done it once, and I was totally craZy ;)

  3. Phone day phone day!! I am speaking a thing!!! You are rocking the cleanse- proud of you!

  4. I started the cleanse this morning-not having my morning coffee was HARD, but now that I know you are still drinking it, I might have to have a cup!

  5. I weighed myself yesterday and I should be on a cleanse! haha :P I love sushi I'm jealous! Check out my weekend in pics @ girl! Cards may be going to the WS but how about dem Chiefs?!

  6. One thing... I NEED you to be reconnected to the world!! I MISS YOU!! Oh, and another... Go Red Sox! See you Wednesday! Boom!