Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here is the plan Stan.... October Goals

I thought I could get through October with ZERO goals but I can't. I am such a planner/organizer and I MUST fill my life with chaos...

So... since I am a believer in writing things down... Here I go...

1.  I am starting the 10 Day Advocare Cleanse on Tuesday the 15th - why Tuesday? because I can... I have
    done this in the past with great results - so I am hitting up Ash for some "goods". She is going to do it with
    me too;) Misery loves company... nah.. it isn't that bad.

2. Stop throwing everything down my throat as soon as I walk in the door from work. I need to stock up on
    nuts, granola, etc...

3. Eat breakfast during appropriate breakfast times - NOT noon.

4. Try out new "healthy" recipes. I love to cook, but I like to cook like Paula Dean - more "butta". I need to
    change my way of thinking.

5. Start using body glide consistently - after my race in Ft. Wayne I was chaffed under my (.)(.) area so bad.
    Then it healed and I did it all over again at last weekends half. OUCH! I am done... Must remember to

In other news - I have my 4th half this Fall season on Sunday - I will be dressing up for this Halloween run as a RETRO GIRL. YAY. Then I signed up for the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk/Run 5K on November 23rd and I am still training for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis on Dec 7th.

Oh and my FINAL for my class is next Monday, and then I start my 2nd class of my MBA program. OMG time is flying.... and I am getting exhausted - so with that being said.... I am going to take off TR and FR from blogging. You all know I will stay "legit" on IG (@missmel_joy) and I will return on Monday with a good ole race recap... Thanks for your patience my friends...

Smile it's Hump Day - said everyone... and it makes me cringe... 

Wednesday (and the rest of the week) Out

Wanna join the cleanse fun? Tell me some healthy snacky foods you love? To.die.for. healthy recipes my family will actually eat and like?


  1. Maybe some I've got?

  2. I'm over the Hump Day thing too... annoying. I have an apple with peanut butter almost daily. I know PB is fattening but if it's the ONE "bad" thing I have, so be it. I stick to Smuckers Natural or PB & Co.
    We try to stick to a meat or fish and veggies for dinner. I've recently been making mashed cauliflower and let me tell you, I swear you'll think it's mashed potatoes. Steam cauliflower florets over 1-2 inches of water for about 20 minutes. Pour into food processor with salt, pepper, a LITTLE nutmeg and butter (I use kerrygold). Process until smooth, a good 5 minutes. I'm telling you - amazing! Don't fear butter. I recently switched to Kerrygold - grass fed from Ireland :)
    Let me know if you try it!

  3. Lord woman I do the same thing. When I get home from work I am STARVING. I tend to stuff all kind of crap down my hole while cooking dinner. It is the worst downfall ever.

    Also this is the first summer/year I have chaffed since I started running. What gives?? Really long runs now are in capri pants only. I tend to chaffe in my inner thigh area and have even forgone wearing my HRM but still my sports bra manages to do it to me too...urg! Need to invest in the Body Glide I guess.

    Still loving your hair. Gorgeous.

  4. I've been really enjoying snap peas lately. I love the crunch! And, in the words of Mama June from Honey Boo Boo, "mo' butta, mo' betta!" HA!

    What are you taking for Fall 2?

  5. My cleanse shipped today...... Tuesday is the day!

  6. I just got my cleanse kit from Ashley yesterday! I am starting on Monday because I am predictable like that. So, I will be cleansing up with you gals just one day off!

  7. Yay, youre going to do awesome on your race and your test :) Youve got this and good luck!! I need to try one of those cleanse day :)

  8. Explain to me this cleanse thing? Please. I need something to get me moving. it's been 3 months since O was born and I have zero motivation to do anything let alone lose weight. I blame lack of sleep, because I get none.

  9. Hey pretty lady...what brand of granola do you buy?? Just wondering, I get alittle confused when it comes to that stuff.. Like what's really healthy and whats not.. Thanks!!

  10. I need to eat some "good" food to. Damn sweets and treats. Ummm I dumped the body glide and used straight vasalene. It worked a 100% better than the body glide. They even hand it out at the marathons to stop chaffing. Good Luck girlie. Your posts always make me smile.

  11. You are GORGEOUS! That new cut is really you! Good luck with the run and school!!

  12. I am loving the new hair!!! Pretty!

    You are seriously a rock star. Don't you feel like your legs are going to fall off?!?!

  13. Today was day 10 of my cleanse! SO glad for it to be over. You'll rock it!!

  14. I'm all about fall. So apples with cinnamon sprinkled on are great snacks - fiber and filling. Pumpkin Chia Protein Pudding: 1/2 cup pumpkin puree, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 teaspoon chia seeds, 1 teaspoon maple syrup and cinnamon - let sit in fridge for 4 hours and it's a pumpkin pudding. I make my own trail mix with banana chips, dark chocolate chips, raw walnuts, raw pumpkin seeds and raw almonds. Put it in snack bags to go.

    For dinners we eat a lot of fish, chicken and pork that I use different spices/rubs on. Greek, tex-mex, cajun, italian... I do stirfrys a lot and keep chopped zucchini, yellow squash, onion, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, peapods, eggplant in the fridge in separate bags. I can grab and handful of what I need (bog or small), add fresh ginger, chilis, lime and soba noodles If I want some carbs and have sometime made in about 15 minutes.

    For me, it's grocery shopping and having some feed prepped for the week on Sundays that keeps me on track. I spend a couple of hours cutting veggies, fruit, marinating meat, planning dinners and some lunches while I cook Sunday dinner. THen I can grab and go all week.

    Good luck on your tests and your races!

  15. Oh, I need to use body glide, too. I chafe so so bad in the same area. It's gross and painful!!

    Beautiful, as always!

  16. Um. You are gorgeous. That is all :)

  17. I know I have said this before, but I LOVE your new hair with the cut!!! You were always beyond gorgeous, but it suites you!!! :)

  18. Thanks for the breakfast reminder. I am the queen of noon breakfast and it throws off my whole day. Going to eat

    Love that you do monthly goals, you have inspired me to start doing the same!!

    Kate @

  19. I love you! Cournteys birthday is the 15th. So I will be starting the cleanse a couple days after you guys. but i am coming to the party nonetheless I'm thinking. Aint no party like a kimmy coast party cause a kimmy coast party don't stoooopppp