Monday, October 7, 2013

Winner Winner....

That sure ain't (yes I from SoCo) what my Birds are screaming today. Womp.Womp.Womp. - they need to get it TOGETHER... and give us St. Louis peeps our Red October madness back...

In other news, my Iphone is dead and right about now I am in full on "can't function" mode. Did it work for the race, yes... did Siri start asking herself questions for an hour, yes... then did the little round button stop workin, yes... and now it's dead and won't charge up... I am managing... but please forgive me if I am not responding in a timely manner.

I wanted to do a recap of the race, my marathon training week 3 update, and brag on my babies BUT... that will have to wait - dang phone...

So here you go... Thank you ALL for participating in the fun KLR giveaway. A couple of my new pieces came in and I can't wait to show you - I wore one outfit on Saturday night and LOVED it... Get yourself over to KLR and check out the fun new fall items.

The WINNERS of the KLR $50.00 gift cards are....

Kelly Williams & Deanna Williams

Alright sweet ladies - email me at

Alright I will be back tomorrow and hopefully my phone is back in order. I need to go get my mind right... If anyone needs me today and to whenever I get to the Apple store - you can reach me at the email address above. Thanks...


  1. What?!?!?! No phone! What am I going to do!!!!! This is full on crisis mode!!

  2. That is the worst. You never realize how much you rely on the phone till it goes out lol. I can't even remember phone numbers anymore

  3. Don't even get me started on our Cardinals. If they lose today, I will probably lose my you know what!?!?! Come on birds!

    Time for a new phone!!!

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