Thursday, November 14, 2013

Challenge to get "Real"...

Well.Well.Well... Erin from She's A Big Star has challenged us all (on twitter - what? you think I don't read every one's tweets - well I do... HA) to get real with our posts and you know I love a good challenge and some Erin... Mwah!!!

We all know the "getting to know me" posts, "questions and answers", etc... I am going to let you all in on a little secret about me and then I will give you the many example's of what I have done to portray this... feel free to chime in friends - as you all know... I AM HARD TO PLEASE...

Yes, I am hard to please - I don't make it easy on anyone when they come into my life. I have a HUGE heart and will be the FIRST person to tell you how wonderful you are, but... sometimes I forget that each person has their own way of expressing emotions and/or showing their feelings... AND that my way isn't always the "right" way.


I received roses once and they came to me in a vase... they weren't in a box... Not a huge flower fan and if I do get flowers I like a box, so needless to say, I wasn't thrilled. Hard to please.

I ask for one thing - but mean another, just to see if you will "get it". Hard to please. 

His night of fun = the "mouse races", I want to turn the night into a casino filled hotel slagging extravagance. Hard to please. 

You want to invite me to your candle party to sit, sip wine, and girl talk, I want to show up, blow out the candles, and take everyone out for sushi. Hard to please. 

"Oh that looks good on you" while I am thinking "my left saddle bag hangs loose out the side of the shorts". Hard to please.

"Look at this green velour jump suit I got you from VS". I think I would of liked the hot pink one better or maybe something with less material. Hard to please.

You give too much, not enough, it's the wrong time, right time, not "my" right time, yada yada yada... I will admit it I AM HARD TO PLEASE... I need to learn to let go of this and just be happy with what is... but's its soooooooooo dang hard... I like roses in a box, sushi, non-revealing shorts, lingerie, and MY TIME!!!! See...

Okay being honest... I need to work on this - 2014 I will;) I am already making my resolutions - are you?

There you have it...

Thursday Out


  1. Hard to please or "she knows what she wants"....hmmmm I'm thinking she knows what she wants. Much better than I don't know what I want and end up with an ugly piece of jewlery that even my grandma wouldn't wear. Just saying.

  2. Curious - why are roses in a box better than the vase?

  3. I am also curious about the roses and you KNOW I love some good booty shorts(for running purposes of course). But I also agree with Nicki up there- it sounds like you know what you want and sometimes as women, we are just naturally hard to please. Yeah? No? ;)

  4. I think everyone has things they can be hard to please on. Have a great day!

  5. I think everyone is hard to please when it comes to certain things. That is what makes us all us :)

    And I agree with flowers. Todd knows if he ever buys me flowers, I will get super mad at him. I don't understand why you would waste money on something that is just going to die.

  6. Hey Mel! That sounds like a first born talking, which I am as well. My husband is a first born as well and one of our valentine's day's was ROUGH because he was being hard to please, which opened up my first born tendencies to be hard to please. Needless to say, at the end of the day we spent too much money but I won because he bought me a gorgeous crystal vase to "make up for it". BTW, needing to change and be a better person and never being totally a first born thing. I am real good at that.Maybe we should find some contentment and strive to be better at the same time. Where did my contentment go? I lost it somewhere. Esther Norine Designs

  7. I hate flowers in vases only because I hate vases lol I throw them away!!

  8. Yayy, I LOVE this... not because you're hard to please, but because you're being honest and real! SO sick of reading so much fluff on blogs lately, hence the tweet! :) And nooo... haven't even thought of resolutions... ughhh...