Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vaseline is my friend... and marathon tips?

Well this post will be running related and if you are not into hearing about (@)(@)'s you might want to shy away... (no pictures so don't be alarmed...)

Flys in the vasoline, we are
Sometimes it blows my mind
Keep getting stuck here all the time

Not a Stone Temple Pilots fan? Oh I am.... STP FOREVA!

Low down... running past 13 miles has becomes my bbs worst enemy. I chafe like a MUG. I know everyone talks about the Body Glide, but if you know me - I never do what I am "supposed" to do.. I just "go with it". Right underneath where my bra sits, I get burned bad... and.. here is the kicker... wait for it... NIPS - they get rubbed RAW... and they hurt for like 2 weeks. So... being the rebel I am.. I used Vaseline - cheap, easy, and in my pantry...

Before my 20 miler this weekend, I took that stuff and slathered from head and toe and had ZERO chafing. WINNING!!! It worked. I can go to work and not walk around screaming "ahhh ewww ahhh" every time my bra touches what's underneath. Vaseline - the well versatile product...

On that note - I need marathon tips? Please, please, please... if you ran a marathon before or are versed in marathon tips - GIMME GIMME GIMME!!! I am getting my game plan together this week and need a few weeks to let it all sink in... Help a sista out? Please & Thank You.

P.S. if you are interested in a good linkup today - head over to Holly's page for her "Mom Fails" linkup... I know this is going to be a good one;)

Happy Tuesday (worst day of the week) - thought I wasn't going to say it, eh?


  1. Wohooo glad or worked!! Tips: hmmmm I think I gave you all of my good ones:)

  2. I feel like the best way to survive a marathon is to sign up to be the sign holder :-)

  3. Check out the guest post over at Elle Noel's blog today http://ellenoel.blogspot.ca/2013/11/elle-noel-favorite-series-10-things-i.html for some marathon tips (but it's her first marathon too) ;)

  4. Now that song is in my head foreva...thanks! :) Thanks for the tip on vaseline, we always have some handy :)

  5. My run buddy swears by vaseline. She rubs it EVERYWHERE before a run. Totally works! I'm going to try it because I still chafe under my boobs with body glide.

  6. My marathon tip for you is to just keep running, just keep running! haha (fish emoji) No, I'd say that a marathon is about heart. It takes a lot of mental strength and something inside of you to run 26.2 miles. Believing in yourself and capabilities is a challenge in and of itself.

  7. I ran my first marathon 2 days ago. I finished in 4:31 & was extremely happy with that. My top tips would be:
    1. enjoy the experience! I had a smile the whole time, I read signs, high-fived people, & totally soaked it all in.
    2. do not go out too fast. It might be hard for you to get caught up in the excitement of the race but 26.2 miles is a long way. Take it slower & steady. People may pass you but you will be passing people in the end.
    3. Fuel often & early. If you feel thirsty or hungry...it's too late. I took a GU gel every 5 miles & had chomps in between. I had Gatorade at every aid station & refilled my water bottles at each station. I never hit a wall & I think it was because of this.
    4. Maybe most important? Your goal should be to finish. It is your first marathon & that is a huge accomplishment! I had a secret goal of a sub 4:30 & stayed ahead of the pace team until they passed me at mile 21. The pacer told me that finishing is winning & my medal was going to be the same whether I finished in 4:31 or 5:31.
    Sorry this is turning into a novel!

    Good luck!

  8. I second the have fun & shoot for finishing still smiling! I am a slower runner, but it doesn't matter as I've accomplished the Big M, have fond memories of it, and hope to do another someday!

  9. I gave my epic mom fail on Holly's IG. It was quite the horrid mom moment!

  10. If your sports bra is causing chafing, that usually means it's time to buy a new one. The biggest piece of advice that I can offer is what I tell the runners that I coach: control what you can control and don't waste time worrying about the rest. Don't go out too fast and trust your training! You're gonna own that 26.2 no doubt!

  11. This reminds me of when Andy from "The Office" talks about nipple chafing. I had no idea people sift from this in real life. Glad you find a solution that works for you!

  12. I ran my first marathon last October and am training for my second one in January. Things that I wish I would have done...

    1. Train for hills (San Francisco hills suck big monkeys, luckily you don't have them. Or do you? Dun..dun..dun...)

    2. Eat the same food that I ate every night before a long run. I thought I was too cool for cool and toured SF and ate like crap which led me to actually crap 2 times, while running, and having to wait 10 minutes to use the porta-potty. No bueno.

    3. Drink Gatorade at every stop

    4. Make sure I had enough battery on my phone for the last 6 miles. Miles 20-25 are awfully lonely and I was miserable when my phone died. I also hit a wall at mile 20 which didn't help.

    5. Rest more on the week before the race, especially the last couple of days before the marathon.

    I know you are going to rock it girl! Good luck! And I hope you don't get the shits like I did! Haha ;)

  13. I'm training for the Dallas Marathon and ran 20 miles last Friday. To reiterate what the other bloggers suggested...
    Train for hills
    Buy a larger sports bra (it shouldn't chafe)
    Slather vasoline under your arms (near your arm pits), no friction burns
    Don't introduce anything new. socks, shoes, food, energy gels, etc. Go with what you know
    Figure out your gastrointestinal situation. bathroom breaks, how & when to fuel on the run, water stations.
    Wear cotton socks to prevent blisters.
    Marathons begin at mile 20. Hold back until mile 18 +/- so you have a reserve of energy to finish strong.
    Celebrate afterwards! champagne, cupcakes, chocolate, whatever you want. (I'm indulging in all three)
    GOOD LUCK and FINISH STRONG! What day is your race?

  14. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate the week of the race. Also enjoy the journey. You'll never have your first full again.

  15. Vaseline on the BOOBS...CHECK!

  16. haha! This just reminds me of my husband running with Dora bandaids on his nips to prevent that painful chaffing. haha
    I can't believe I have never even thought of using Vaseline! :o

  17. Lol. Vaseline is little helpful and warm up your body before start running in Half Marathon race . I love those tips and can helpful for increasing of worth running. If you running long distance then it will be the effective to control your body temperature. Thanks