Monday, November 25, 2013

Where you be at....

I joined a gym last Wednesday... I haven't been IN a gym since 2005ish. It used to be a part of our daily routine (pre-kids). Work, Work out, eat... It was just sort of a "part of our day" and I LOVED it. After kiddos, we bought all this equipment to make our basement a "gym" and it has been wonderful - honestly we use it all the time.

I love going down to my basement and getting my sweat on BUT... the temp is not right - it's hot in the summer, freezing in the winter, there is NO light, and then I saw spiders, a vole (google that sick thing), a mouse or two, and just about the time I was ready to give the basement one last chance, I noticed the big brights lights at the brand NEW gym next to Elle's dance school. SOLD...

Wednesday, K9Bish and I dropped the girls off at dance and walked in to sell our souls to the muscular people in the community;) Signed ourselves right up, made our appointments with the trainers, and hit the treadmill... It felt GOOD!!!

So I caught the gym bug... BAD... I missed having a place to go and workout/run. I missed being around other people who were there for the SAME reason. I missed the people watching. I missed the salty smell of sweat everywhere, germs flying around like mad. I MISSED THE GYM! So I took advantage this weekend and went EVERY SINGLE DAY. HA....

Last week's run schedule - all on the treadmill:
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles
Friday - 5 miles
Saturday - 5 miles
Sunday - 12 miles

Total = 30 miles

I haven't incorporated any weight training yet - as I am tapering for the next few weeks before the marathon on December 7th. I have my appt on Wednesday morning with a trainer and they are going to "show me the ropes", then after the marathon I will be hitting up weight training again and I am VERY much looking forward to it.

P.S. - I bought new running shoes and they are NOT Brooks - post tomorrow on my shoe shopping experience and why I switched.

Happy Monday

How was your weekend? Gym goer? Any good booty moves for me?


  1. I just joined a gym about 3 weeks ago. I do love having the access to other cardio equipment, and weights, but I've only really lifted legs. It does help with any injuries and pain for my knees though. Otherwise, I still do my treadmill running in my basement, or outside running.
    12 miles on the treadmill?? You are a beast! I actually have a goal to do a half marathon on mine in February. ;)

  2. I so need to get back to the gym, I have not been there since April but have kept my membership active. I was working out in preparation for my wedding but then I got married and it was so nice out that I didn't want to step foot inside the gym and was super busy working around the house. Now that I am training for my first 1/2 marathon I need to get back in there especially since this weekend it dropped down to the 20s and even though I love running outside that is just a little cold for me. So maybe I will get back in there this week (: Good luck and I can't wait to see these new shoes!

  3. If I saw a spider, I would not be back down in the basement. LOL. I think I may join the gym so I can start doing some strength traiining during my lunch hour.

  4. I LOVE the weights classes at my gym. Typically, I'm not a big machine girl, I feel like it takes too long to switch between machines. My weights class is a total body workout in an hour. Love it! Can't wait to start going again after the marathon.

  5. If I saw a vole and 2 mice, it would require moving to a new house. Hence why I have 4 cats that live under my deck/in the garage. Spiders, I can deal. Mice.. helllllllll no!

  6. My dad's cat is so fat from catching and eating all the voles in their yard. I can only imagine your reaction.

  7. Okay, I had to google vole...OH MY GOSH! I would freak if I saw one of those in my house! I hate rodents! Congrats on the gym membership! I love the smell of the gym too, I haven't had a membership in several years and have been doing the at home thing. I can totally relate to the temperature problem, only I don't have a basement so it's always too hot!

  8. So I Googled "vole" it will be a little while before I can talk to you again..... ;-)

  9. i looove going to the gym. it's all a mental thing, but i just feel like i got a much better workout when i've been to the gym!

  10. I love the gym! It's my relaxation place. I get far less distracted at the gym than I do when I try to workout at home.

  11. I need to join a gym! Sounds like such motivation! Getting myself into a workout routine again is very necessary at this point, I'm pretty sure my foot is never going to be back to normal, so I'd better just deal with the pain and fight through it......