Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Recap

Hey Hey Hey... 2013 is almost OVER and I thought it would be fun to go back and look at my resolutions to see if I kept any;)

You can read some of my 2013 resolutions HERE...

2013 Resolutions:
Start to let my "guard" down or my "wall". I keep a guard up at all times, because I don't like disappointment at ALL. I don't like being let down, so I always think the "worst" and if it works out then great and if not, then I can go with "told ya so". Yes I need to work on this.(Eh... I am still working on this)

Stop being so hard on myself. I am my WORST critic - for real I am terrible. I have to let some of that go and actually be my BEST supporter. This I will work on..(I am REALLY trying - this one is so hard)

Stand up to others. You wouldn't think it, but I back down often (from certain people), because it is easier to just "let it go". This year I will work on standing my ground - even if it reeks havoc;) (YES, YES, and YES - accomplished)

Internalize more. I am a HUGE extrovert. I love being around others, near others, talking to others, etc... I think in 2013 I need to focus more internally. Now, don't get me wrong I am not letting go of my true self, but I need to figure some shiz out  ~ this year I will do that. (I believe I did work on this, but I have a long ways to go)

I had a few more wishes HERE and I can say I am hoping the "marathon" one comes true next weekend:) and I did wear a bikini for the first time in 7 years;)

Here are a few highlights from 2013:

I ran 11 races and that includes 5 half marathons 

I traveled for races.

I started my MBA.

I started including my kids in traveling.

Started new friendships/relationships.

Elle started kindergarten (huge transition for all of us)

Cut my hair - LOL...

I am hoping my marathon on the 28th - fingers crossed...

Okay there are probably more - but hey, this will have to do for now... I am ready for 2014 and will have my resolution post up soon. Looking forward to next year and the excitement of a new year/start.

Happy Thursday

Any 2014 resolutions? Any special highlights from 2013? One race you MUST run in 2014?


  1. You're such a bad ass! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments this year :)

  2. Your hair is adorable in that photo; would love to be able to make mine do that!

  3. Love this post! My biggest goal for 2014 is a half marathon. (My first). Have a great holiday season! xoxo

  4. You had an amazing year!! I can tell you are going to kick 2014's butt, too!

  5. I see 2014 being even more amazing than 2013, was for you! I see you hitting goals and exceeding even your own expectations! You are just that fabulous!!

  6. I'm about close to publicly and officially putting it out there for to complete a *gulp* half marathon in 2014.

  7. 2013 was a great year! Cheers to 2014 and new goals!

  8. Great job on your goals girlie!! So excited and beyond proud of you!

  9. I've never commented, though have been reading your blog for a couple months now. Love it!
    Your 2013 resolutions look a lot like mine- both the goals and the progress. I hope my 2014 fitness goals mirror yours from this year- minus the marathon-You go girl! Here's to 2014!