Monday, December 2, 2013

Ding Ding Ding Giveaway Time... & Marathon Week Begins

First and foremost - it's giveaway time and this one is AWESOME!!!!

Holiday Hoopla

If you want to win some cool deets before the holidays get on over to The Nina Show and check this awesome give-a-way out. I hope you win one of the prize packages because they are pretty STELLAR.Hurry and get your entries in - the winner(s) are announced on Monday. YAY!!! Right in time for St. Nicks...

And... it goes a little something like this... Today starts detox from the Turkey Day and the beginning of getting myself, as well as Holly and K9Bish AMPED up for Saturday - it is marathon week Ba Ba Baaaaabaaaay!!! I finished my last "long run" on Sunday - 8 miles with my shorts on backwards - ooopsss... I honestly thought "daaaaannnng girl... how much weight DID you gain over Thanksgiving?" when I was running and they kept ridding up BUT... my booty was not the culprit - it was the shorts - or so I am claiming that;)

This week we taper quite a bit - today is my OFF day and then my running schedule looks like this...
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 3 miles
Thursday - 2 miles (supposed to be off but doing a quick 2 miler)
Friday - 30 minute jog

My goals this week are to eat clean(ish)  - you know me and drink UP... water that is... Rid this body of the swollen salt ball it is right now and get it ready to carry me along the Memphis streets:) I can't WAIT!

Monday Out
Going to enter the give-a-way? Running this weekend? Going to be in Memphis?


  1. Girl do not run on Thurs and Fri rest those legs. Trust me:). I laughed at your IG backwards shorts. Too funny. I'm so excited for you for your marathon !! 1%-er badass status!!

  2. I have been clicking away all morning on the contest :)

    So excited for your marathon this weekend. Can't wait to hear all the details....

    And one last thing before I forget..... MIZ!!!

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling fluffy and puffy today after much over indulging over the holiday weekend! I can't even tell you how excited I am for you guys for this weekend. I am so excited to read all the updates and hear all about it! Have a GREAT week, girl!

  4. I had pie for breakfast! Baam! Oh, but I just ate lettuce and a carrot for lunch. On my way to Memphis mentally!

  5. Will be thinking about you Saturday!

  6. Marathon Week!!! I'm so excite for you! Keep us updated on your prep this week.

  7. There are about 12 members of my running group that are running the full in Memphs also. My goal is to run the full next year. HEEHEE, an entire year to train.

  8. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I've actually done the backwards shorts thing myself and felt like a total nerd after realizing it! And same here. Minimal calories for the next few weeks so that I can gorge again at Christmas time. :)

  9. I am so excited about this weekend!! But the weather is freaking me out a bit. I read today that last year it was 74 degrees for the St Jude marathon....whoa, big difference huh!