Monday, September 30, 2013

Fort4Fitness Race Re-cap

Saturday, Sept 28th I ran my fourth half marathon in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I felt fairly well prepared for this one. I have been following my training plan consistently and even took two days off of running before the race, to let my legs relax before the big day.

Woke up early...drank my coffee, water, and this time I only ate half a banana before the race. We had, had a nice Italian meal the night before and I was still full when I woke up. I brought along Luna bars but my stomach was saying "no bueno" when I looked at the box... so I skipped it. I was not nervous for this race - I was PUMPED. I was running this race with my good friends and that makes all the difference in the world - plus I was in a different state (yes Holls, not Illinois;) so if I looked stupid - no one knew me - great philosophy, I know;) AND... I didn't wear my watch so no obsessive focusing on my dang wrist - just time to enjoy the pavement pounding.

Our hotel was in walking distance from the race and I LOVED this. I think that was much less stress in the morning than worrying about driving, parking, where everything was, etc... We all got ourselves ready and off we walked to the start. It was a great chilly morning - which you know I love. We met up with all the gals, used the restroom, downed more water, and shimmied our booties into our corrals.  

I remember the race starting and my legs just went... my music was playing some awesome jams... and Brandi and I were killing it. I was taking in the surroundings and watching all the runners. When I saw the 3 mile sign it kind of caught me off guard - it had only felt like a minute since we started. There were AMPLE water stations at each 1.5 miles and the volunteers were AMAZING. It really had me motivated. I was waving at the spectators and slapping hands with the kids as we passed. One of my favorite parts of running, enjoying those around you. Get them hype - so they get you hype... Reciprocation baby!

I hit mile 5 and the clock read 45:20 - a 9:04 pace - and I thought NO WAY baby... this race is falling into place NICELY... I kept up with the 2 hr pacers - I just ran right behind them - but it was crowded and I was dodging people and that was NOT MY CUP OF TEA. So I pulled back a bit, enjoyed the beautiful neighborhoods we were running through, ate my GU chomps around mile 8, and watched the people sweat their faces off. Mile 10 read 1:32 - a 9:13 pace and I thought - yep... this race is it.

At mile 11 my legs started feeling like bricks - I kept shaking them to get them moving. I was slowing down and I could feel it - but I kept pushing through. NO STOPPING... I kept telling myself that. I rounded the fort sprinting/breathing heavy and BOOM - 2:02 was my finish time. My last 5K I slowed a lot - it was around a 9:52 pace - but hey... whatever, the first 10 miles I was GOLDEN and I LOVED IT! Met up with everyone on center field and enjoyed our post race treats. Stretched and squealed as I got that PR I was so badly wanting.

Brandi, Ash, and I
I absolutely love this race. So well organized, ample water stations, the volunteers and spectators were amazing, fairly flat course, and the weather was phenomenal. The only thing I wish they would of had were "gels" around mile 7 or 8. Luckily I had my own, but it would of saved me from digging in my pocket to find them. I will be back next year - I think this will be an annual run for me, plus my bestie Ash is there - nuff said.

I will be back with more of the "weekend shenanigans" in another post - plus I have something really awesome coming. YAY!!!! Oh... and a few other surprises...

Week ON

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Shenanigans

I am off to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to RUN THE FORT. I can't wait to get out there and pound that pavement baby. AGH!!!!!! I am really going to push myself this race, no.matter.what. I am hoping to make you all proud and myself too:) My PR time is 2:09 so I am hoping to get under that - we shall see? Just so you all know this race is dedicated to Baby Harper - he made it through the first critical 72 hours and I am going to run this one for him. One day I can't wait to meet little #louie, snuggle him, and tell him how amazing his parents are. This one's for you little bubba...

If you haven't heard, my girl Ashley is an Advocare independent distributor and she is donating 100 % of her proceed's to the Baby Harper Fund up until November 1st. Pretty amazing to me:) If you are in need of some Spark, 10 Day Cleanse, or are ready for the 24 Day Challenge - check her out HERE.

Looking forward to seeing Holly, Ashley, Megan, and Brandi in a few hours and picking up our race packets. I love that feeling you get after you pick up your packet. I just feel so READY and EXCITED - like "come on lets do this". I am ready to lay out my attire, eat a good dinner, get good rest, and get to running baby! The rest of the weekend should be filled with fun too - and you KNOW I am always down for a good time. Watch out;) If anyone is wanting to meet up you can check out Brandi's page for deets HERE (I am sure you all know this already - hahaha).

I am also going to miss my family this weekend. Luckily it is a fairly easy weekend with not much going, and I believe E is going to take the kids to see Despicable Me 2 - so I can't WAIT to hear how that goes:) Wes in a movie theater, honestly, I can't imagine it but hey... never hurts to try. Oh... and I can't wait until this happens at the movie theater - and que the #spreadsheet. One day I will do a whole post on "Why I loathe spreadsheets".

If I don't get 17 million phone calls this weekend asking where stuff is in the house - it will be a MIRACLE I tell ya... Luckily Elle acts 33 so I feel pretty golden;)

On that note... Have a great weekend and you know where you can find me - IG BABY... hahaha @missmel_joy. Good luck to all those running this weekend and get out there and do something - this weather motivates me to the MAX - hope it does you too.

Fort4Fitness ON

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am linking up today with the beautiful Jenna at Jenna Rae Everyday for Thankful Thursday.

What I am thankful for this week...

~ That September is almost over and I get to engage in a gorge fest of Swedish Fish in about 4 days 23 hrs and 37 minutes... but whose counting right? I have not had ONE piece of Swedish Fish heaven since August and I miss them like crazy BUT... I stuck to my goal (NEVER AGAIN)!

~ Interactive Play... these kids actually sat and played together WITHOUT fighting like cats and dogs. I was pretty impressed and didn't have to put one "on the black carpet" and one in the "time out chair". Score.

~ St. Charles Main Street in the fall. It is my favorite place to lunch, people watch, browse boutiques, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

~ That I have finally mastered this braid thing. Elle finally sits there and actually lets me do her hair. We struggled for so long with sitting still, but she has it down pact now;)

~ Friends. All of them. From my IRL friends to those I haven't met, those I am about to meet, those who will be in my future (that are not here yet), and those that came and went. Each person has taught me a little something about myself and or will teach me, for that I am thankful... Here are just a few friends below...

What Are You Thankful For?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Game Face...

It's game face time. My 4th (well 3 1/2) half marathon is Saturday and I am running the fort. Fort4Fitness here I come. I have familiarized myself with the course and have been keeping up with my training very well. I am feeling pretty confident. I DO have a goal time in mind but I am not disclosing it - I am just saying I really want to PR and that would mean I need to get under 2:09. So let's just leave it at that.

I have my race day attire picked out and of course I will be doing my nails tonight to prepare for it. I even went and chopped off my hair to see if it makes me run faster?!? HAHAHA. Kidding... well somewhat;)

BEFORE                                                   AFTER
I like blonde all year round:) 
Long story short (yes pun intended - I am cracking myself up today;) I love running. I love blonde hair. I love changes and did I mention, I LOVE RUNNING.

I can't wait to get the race day jitters, to get out there and enjoy the scenery of a new place, to sweat with those who have trained so hard for this, to pound the pavement with my hole shoe, to read all the shirts, to push myself really hard on this one, to hug my friends as they cross the finish line, to eat and celebrate afterwards, and to add another half under my belt! I am READY to get RUNNING BABY!

Don't forget about the Baby Harper fund HERE from yesterday's post. Still praying and sending good thoughts their way.

Wednesday Out 

Changing up your look for fall? Running the Fort this weekend? Strategies you use for race day?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baby Harper

My IRL friend Lora had her son, Harper, Sunday evening at 25 weeks pregnant. Lora is probably the funniest person I know and she and her husband are the cutest couple ever. I know how much Lora wanted this little guy and I was there and following along as she was trying to conceive this sweet little bugger. Lora has twin girls and this is her "little man". I am so happy for her and her family that they have been blessed with this bundle of boy joy.

Picture from @mrsloyoung IG account
Lora needs tons of prayers and good thoughts sent her way as Harper as a long road ahead. He is estimated to be in the hospital until around Dec 6th or so. You can reach out to Lora at Raising Steppe Sisters or on IG @mrsloyoung My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. Her and her family have asked for nothing but a page was set up for fundraising for baby Harper as they have a long road ahead, and Lora has only has 6 weeks of vacation time.

Picture from @mrsloyoung IG account
Please take a moment and visit HERE. If you cannot donate monetarily - please keep Harper, Lora, and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Marathon Training Week 1 Update

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in GREENISH BLUE
Monday, Sept 16th - 3 miles or Rest / REST
Tuesday, Sept 17th - 3-4 miles or Cross Train / REST
Wednesday, Sept 18th - 4 miles / 5 Miles
Thursday, Sept 19th - Cross Train or Rest / 4 Miles
Friday, Sept 20th- 4-6 miles / 4 Miles
Saturday, Sept 21st- Rest / 10 Miles
Sunday, Sept 22nd - 8-10 miles / REST

Total Miles Week 1 of Training = 23 MILES

Week ONE of Marathon training went fairly well. I probably could of squeezed in 5 or 6 more miles somewhere in there, but honestly my legs were on fire. Super sore from 4 days straight and I started to incorporate hills a bit more, so my tush and hips were extremely sore.

I have noticed my appetite decreasing, not sure this is a good thing. I used to come home after a long run and devour my pantry and whatever was in it BUT... it is not like this recently. I am decreasing my food intake before my runs and that is really helping me. I then eat my pack of GU Chomps around mile 7 or 8. I always thought I had to eat, eat, eat before long runs (or so I have read/been told) and that is just not the case for me. I eat a little something and do just fine, if not better.  I have also been running with my water and this is COMPLETELY helping me to keep hydrated, which I also think might be why I have not been devouring food too. Hydration is important. I AM, however, eating a good dinner and that seems to do okay for me for the early morning long runs the following day.

Finding the time is hard these days. We had a weekend packed with things going on and I should of got in around 6 miles on Sunday but... I snuggled my babies instead. I am learning balance and flexibility and that is okay...

I have also realized that when I don't run you might not want to be around me when that 2nd day hits. Running is my outlet and thank GAWD I found one that doesn't involve tequila and the dougie;)


This weekend was filled with fall fun. Eckert's for apples and family fun, decorating the house with the few decorations I will allow, baking, hanging out on the patio, watching spooky (kid-friendly) movies, and getting the kids pumped for fall.

 Happy Monday

Sore? Any races this weekend you can fill me in on? Fall fun started yet?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Randomness

I haven't done a "random" post lately - so I think it's about high time...

I got an A on my test on Monday - oh wait... I told you that a gazillion times. HAHAHA. I was a nervous wreck before hand and I don't get nervous - eva! I hadn't taken a test in 10 years. I had my trusty pencil and got down to business - now that is under my belt - I feel like a TRUE college girl.

Wednesday nights are dance nights and it is going great. Laura and I RUN... we have been skipping Margarita's and running instead. We ARE training for a marathon so that helps make the decision quite easy. Last night we did 5 miles and it felt great. We ran, sucked in the humidity, talked, smelt the fumes of the cars, and laughed at people's craziness. Tonight I have a 6 miler in the air conditioned heaven of my lovely basement;) The girls are also LOVING dance. Elle has a long night, 6-8 PM (3 classes) and she comes out so excited. I love she loves to dance...

This weekend is packed with stuff to do. Tomorrow night the kids are going to "Parents Night Out" at Goddard - for 30 smackaroo's they get to eat pizza, run around like banches, and stay up late. It is from 6-10 PM - USUALLY they end up with some sickness the week after, but hey... whatever! LOL... We are heading out to eat to actually TASTE the food, without inhaling it because Wes wants to run around and see what everyone in the restaurant is eating. Saturday - getting up early and running a 12 miler with Laura then the day is spent doing WHATEVER my babies want - it's a mommy/kids day. Sunday an early 6 miler and then we are headed to take the kiddos to Eckert's for apple/pumpkin picking and all the farm yard fun one can handle (insert finger down my throat). That big bag of Kettle Corn and I will be going to town that day!

Eckert's when Elle was 3...
I miss drinking... With all this training I have really cut out my booze and I miss it. I miss my few Corona's - my grape vodka and club soda - my Margarita's - my Pinot Noir...

Mmmmm Tequila... 
Bumpin some of this lately...

Looking forward to the Fort4Fitness half marathon next weekend in Ft. Wayne. I am so excited for this race - I am really hoping to PR this one. Fingers crossed...

Happy Thursday

New songs for me? Eckert's? Tequila freak?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To You My Children...

I am linking up today with my girl Holly (the link up QUEEN B). I am writing a letter to the future Elle and Wes. Sorry the "Day in Life" post will eventually get here;)


Dear future Elle Rose,
     Your high school years were tough on your mama - as we butted heads over many, many, many issues. See, your mom has seen it ALL and done it ALL so you couldn't pull much over on me - one day you will thank me for all those times I didn't "let you go" to farm parties, made you stick to your word on curfew, caught me parked outside where you said you "were" with my binoculars, etc... You WILL thank me one day;) 

    You have spunk, charisma, and an attitude - some might consider you a little "over the top" but I know that this will make you a GREAT person in the long run. You march to the beat of your own drum and I admire that quality about you. You smile at the world as if you own it and my dear you DO. You laugh often and don't take life too seriously. When you walk in the room... the world stops for a moment and ENTERS the girl with the big brown eyes, long flowing brown hair, electric smile, and fierce attitude. You are confident and strong and that makes me so proud.

   You are also gentle and kind and exude a warmth about you. I will never forget in pre-school when your teacher told me that you were the child who helped the children out who were "different" from the rest. You made them feel welcome with that beautiful smile and warm hug. I will never forget at Six Flags when you had your girlfriends with you - and a little girl was in line by herself in front of you all and you motioned for her to come sit next to you and enjoy the ride as a fun group. My heart might have grown a bit bigger that day. 

     I am most certain you have left this tiny city of St. Louis far behind and are basking in the California sun (you know I will be there at least twice a month parked on the beach outside your backdoor). You are enjoying your career, dating up a storm, taking life by the horns and showing it who is boss - yet all the while being the kind good hearted woman I know you will be.

    No matter where life takes you my sweet angel, I will be there dancing and singing with you along every step of the way. You have taught ME so much and I am honored I was chosen to be your mother. I love you Ellie Bell, no more, no baby... MOST.

Dear future Wesley Charles, 
     Your high school years were fairly easy. You basically went with the flow with a few bumps in the road here or there. You play football, hang out with your friends, and study (occasionally). You drive around in your car with the windows down bumping your rap like mama used to (you know I love to sup up your ride:) You do not have a steady girlfriend, because you listened to your mom and "played the field". You enjoyed your high school years, especially because your sister is away in California at college. Yes... and your welcome that we allow you to come along with us when we visit her - because you KNOW I am not going to leave you alone to throw house parties and trash my house when I am gone. Been there, done that... 

     You are funny and fun and people genuinely enjoy being around you. You can make people laugh, yet also grab their heart with your calm and loving nature. You are the hit at parties but also make an extra effort to include those that might sit on the out circles. You are a good man Wesley and everyone can see that.

    You are passionate about your values and morals, yet have the ability to see the other side of things. You are open minded and caring and I am so proud of that quality in you. You go with the flow and enjoy life, yet have a passion and ambition to better yourself and those around you.  You make us proud. So very very proud.

   Women will come in and out of your life - women are all crazy - remember that. We can love you, entice you, and hurt you like no other. Be true to yourself and love who YOU are. When the right woman comes along you will know it - she will be JUST like your mother;) She will love to laugh with you every day, she will take the good with the bad, she will support and encourage you, she will listen and not judge, she will look at you in a special way that she doesn't look at others, and will stand by your side proudly. But always remember there is ONE woman that will never turn her back on you, love you through every failure, and always be here to stand by your side proudly - your mama!!! I love you little bumble bee - to the moon and back.

That was not as easy as I thought to get through *tear*. I also hope you kiddos get your bums here for every Holiday and ON TIME! Just remember that one:)

     Oh Happy Day

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A little more about me...

Happy worst day of the week people... I am, however, still feeling FINE from seeing that big fat "A" on my mid-term last night. HUZZAH!!! My first test in 10 years and I NAILED IT... It's all coming back to me now... little by little... MINUS "Tall Boy & Taco Tuesday's", "Wednesday night Penny Pitchers", "Thursday night steak specials at The Fantasy Ranch", "Friday night early happy hr, happy hr, Star Bar, and after parties", and "Saturday Randomness;)"... Oh the college years...

"A" Face
All that aside, I had planned on doing "A Day In The Life Of" post today BUT... then I got an A, got all giddy, stayed up a little late, so that will have to wait until tomorrow:) 

One of the most adorable Mom's EVER, Annie has some questions for me - so I am going to answer them for her today. 

1. You're at starbucks what do you order? Shall I bite the bullet and announce that I don't go to Starbucks. Sorry but I make some dang good coffee myself at home and I just can't spend 4 bucks on a cup of Joe.

2. Do you and your hubby/significant other have celeb "free passes" if so who? Of course we do... Mine are The Rock, Vin Diesel, Danny Amendola, etc... His are Carmen Electra, Kelly Clarkson (yes this is for real), and Megan Fox (notice they are all brunette's - he no like the blondes - hahaha)

3. Peanut butter and jelly or honey? HONEY... I am not a jelly girl, unless you are shakin it on the dance floor. 

4. Favorite workout machine at the gym or at home? I love the pull down machine - mmmm back muscles... but my go to is the treadmill 

5. Favorite place to online shop? Gap, Pottery Barn for kids, VS, etc...

6. You have 3 hours of uninterrupted time what do you do? CLEAN while jamming out to some ole school rap... it's my therapy. 

7. If you could do ANYTHING to your hair and you knew it would look good what would you do? Think Gwen Stefani - yep that is it...

8. If you have to choose between doing your makeup or doing your hair what do you do? I am the poster girl for putting on makeup and throwing on a hat. Do a little liner, mascara, eye lid primer, and some lip gloss... GOLDEN!

9. Day at the spa or day at the beach? Beach - Salt Life is the ONLY LIFE and I want it.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight? - NO I don't. Sorry. I believe in lust at first sight... but the love part takes time - ample time (at least to me). Majority of people wouldn't call me the most "romantic". 

Happy Tuesday

Are you in school right now? Fav place to shop online? Spa or Beach?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 10 Update

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, Sept 9th - 4 miles or Rest / REST
Tuesday, Sept 10th - 3 miles or Cross Train / REST
Wednesday, Sept 11th - 10 min easy pace 20 min goal pace / 4.5 MILES
Thursday, Sept 12th - Rest / REST
Friday, Sept 13th- 6 miles / 13 MILES
Saturday, Sept 14th- Rest / 4.5 MILES
Sunday, Sept 15th - 13 miles / 6 MILES

Total Miles Week 10 of Training = 28 MILES

I cranked out the miles this weekend and so glad I did. I am feeling really good about the Fort4Fitness half coming up next weekend. Besides the fact I am beyond thrilled to be seeing some of my close friends and meeting new friends, I REALLY want to kick booty on this course.

Sunday started my official MARATHON training. The training schedule I will be following is HERE. This week's schedule looks like this:

M / 3-4 Miles
T / 3-4 Miles
W / 4 Miles
TR/ Cross Train or Rest
F / 4-6 Miles
S / Rest
SU / 8-10 Miles

Looks like we are here folks... ready to begin training for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. I also wanted to send everyone over to Holly's blog for an amazing recap of her donation page from Friday - please take a moment and read HERE.

I have a question - what do you eat before your long runs? I eat my usual - english muffin with pb, string cheese, and banana BUT I have noticed I do so much better on an empty stomach, but I am afraid that is not good. I ran 13 miles on Friday on an empty stomach with a pack of GU Chomps at mile 7 and it felt great. So not sure - your thoughts?

My weekend was very nice and relaxing. I got TONS of housework done, spent time making fatty dinners (Meatloaf on Friday, Saturday ribs, and Sunday Spaghetti Carbonara), put up my Halloween decorations (too many decorations throw me into a downward spiral of "freaked out"), watched tons of sports, ran, practiced golf with my babies, and studied for my mid-term... which is TONIGHT!

Tomorrow's post is in honor of my girl Erin from Homemade Happenings - she wrote how she wants to know more about "Mel" in day to day life - so tomorrow's post will be a CURRENT "Day in Life of Me".

Monday Out
How is your training going? Thoughts on fueling? Started fall cooking like a mad person yet, like me?

Friday, September 13, 2013

St. Jude Memphis Marathon

When I signed up for my first marathon, I went in with the intention that I wanted it to be memorable. When I saw that the St. Jude Marathon was in Memphis, TN (only 3 hrs away) it hit me. As a child I remember my mom always having this magnet on our refrigerator for St. Jude Children's Hospital. I never quite understood what it meant or fully grasped how special of a place this truly was, until after I had my own children.

I was blessed with two children who have stayed out of the hospital (minus ear tubes) since they were born. I don't know the feeling these parents go through in dealing with ill children, but I do know that I want to help. Being a mother has been the greatest opportunity of my lifetime and my heart goes out to any family who has to endure something like this. 

Holly, Laura, and I are running 26.2 miles on December 7th for St. Jude's, and as grueling and taxing as this will be on my body, the emotional aspect will be even THAT much more. Holly has signed up as a "Hero" for her marathon and her goal is to raise $2500.00 - she currently sits at $1625.00 and I am hoping she can even exceed that goal. Laura also has signed up as a "Hero" and has raised over $1000.00 from friends and family.

Please take a moment to read Holly's story and help in raising funds for St. Jude Children's Hospital and those children who need our help the most. You can read and/or donate HERE

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You Wanna Know & High School Dance Link Up

Thank you all so much for responding to my post about what you would like to hear more about. If you want to read it - it is HERE. I have some GREAT ideas now. I needed help getting out of my blogging rut and you all came through with flying colors. I am going to try and hit on everyone's requests next week:) I can't wait...

Today I am going to be tackling Chrissy's request(s)...

What are my interests, hobbies, etc...? 

- I am a huge sports fan. I would rather watch sports over ANYTHING on television. I will pass up your b-day party if I am invited to a game (well it depends;). I am a St. Louis Cards mama first, St. Louis Blues freak second, Rams fan - NOT fair weather, and now a Patriots girl (thanks Danny Amendola), Mizzou girl, and Billikens lova... Take me to a game and we are GOLDEN!

- I enjoy cooking A LOT, when I have the time. I LOVE baking, but try not to often because I will eat the whole dang loaf of pumpkin bread in one sitting.

- I run - you all know that... but I try to find races where the money goes to certain charities/fundraisers that mean something to me.

- Music is right up there with running for me. I am a die hard rap girl but you might not know that Stevie Nicks is my number one favorite of all time. Beautiful lady - wrote about her awhile back HERE. Growing up my Dad and Mom would listen to music while they did everything from clean the house to watching sports games. They built that love for music in me and I am so glad they did. Now... my mom MIGHT not be into big booty hoes - up wit it! but hey... if I can love her Corey Hart - she can love my 2 Live Crew;)

- People are my interest. I love meeting new people and being around people. I am not a person who loves to be alone - granted I can handle it for awhile - but I love being around friends and family. I thrive off the energy of people.

- Food - I am interested in food a little TOO much.

What is something you might not guess about me? 

Oh... this is a good one... I would love to pose this question for my IRL friends - what did you find out about me that you wouldn't have guessed?

- I, of course, called my homie Beth for help on this one... I have four tattoos - you can read about them HERE, I had a pixie haircut in high school, I wore bibs (shut it Beth so did you;), AND... I used to smoke cigs until I turned 21. I know... I know... who would of thunk it? LOL...


Oh... yesterday I spoke about Trent Edwards HERE and I bet those of you who didn't know who he was, didn't look him up (shame on you), so I did it for you...Your welcome.

Also the adorable Amy from "The Story of Us" is hosting a fabulous link-up today for "Throw Back Thursday" regarding High School Dances... How fun is that:)


Sooooo here we go...

Homecoming Freshman Year 1994 - METALLICS BABY
Just "what" all around? Choker Dresses RULE!
Homecoming Senior Year - yes the belly is sheer and cut out - I was waaaaaaaay too fashion forward in 1998;) 

There you have it folks:)

Stay Classy

Fav dish to cook? Pixie Cut girl? Are you linking up?

Finish The Sentence Link-Up

Good morning Wednesday!!! If you didn't notice, someone got a facelift! WOOP! I can't thank HubbyJack enough. He has done my blog from the beginning and nothing feels better then updating your wardrobe or cleaning up your blog look:) If anyone is interested in updating their blog, starting a blog (cough cough K9Bish), or adding a new header, etc - check out HubbyJack HERE. Chris is super easy to work with, does a great job, great price, and cranks out the work. I feel so fresh and so clean, clean... Thank you Chris:)

In addition my girl Ashley is rocking her amazing Fort4Fitness half training right now and, all the while, still going strong with her Advocare. Check her out on the right hand side of the page:) You can grab some spark from her or start your 10 day or 24 day Advocare Cleanse/Challenge. I am probably going to try the 10 day cleanse again in October - right before Halloween so I can fit in my "Miley Cyrus" costume. KIDDING PEOPLE KIDDING;)

Oh... one more thing, if you have my button on your page, first THANK YOU, second Chris created me a stellar new one - if you wouldn't mind switching my old one out for my new, I would most certainly appreciate it. You can grab my new button right over --------------------------> hurr....


Okay... Let's get down to business, I am linking up with probably my ALL TIME favorite link-up "Finish the Sentence" with Holly and Jake.


My happy place... my family, my bed, the green seats at Busch Stadium, knocking out pavement, engrossed in straight dirty rap, or bellied up to the bar... the Chocolate Bar that is... 

Whatever happened to... 90's rap? 2 Pac lives and I need him back NOW....

So what if I.... totally rocked out to cheer dance music with the kids last night. I might NOT have been a cheerleader, but I can shake it with the best of them. 

E! needs a reality show about... ME, duh?

My go-to fast food meal is... Lions Choice - TWO...yes TWO roast beef with swiss, fries, and a huge regular coke with that yummy crushed ice... oh... and a dipped cone for dessert. Told you I can eat:)

You might not know that I... played softball for one day - they put me in as catcher and I wanted to punch everyone when I had to keep throwing that ball back to the pitcher, plus that mask thing I wore smelled like mold and I wanted to die in there. QUIT!!!! and never looked at that sport again. 

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... Well since the Bears released my man Trent Edwards... I am just not that into the "quarterbacks" - I have always been more of a "safeties" girl myself:) insert... Harrison Smith, Eric Weddle, etc... BUT... you all know I am "#80 Wide Receiver Patriots girl" all the way:) 

If I could.... live in Cali somehow that would be stellar - please and thank you:)

My personality is awesome because... I laugh, I eat, I tell stories, and I try to look on the bright side - unless I am hot, then I hate you and the world around me.

Twerking is.... AWESOME... the Nikki Minaj way... if you haven't checked it out - Busta Rhymes and Nikki will guide you through:) 

I think it's super gross when... men spit in public. NASTY and can't handle. Immediately go into repulsed mode. 

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... haters gonna hate, fleshed colored clothes are never good, the tongue thing is as old as Gene Simmons, and whoever makes foam fingers needs to endorse her. 

The TRUE Elle Bell:)
Wednesday Out 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 9 Update & No Regrets

Oh... I am getting a new look... YAY... today's posts might be a little bumpy as my FAV HJ works his magic... I am stoked!!!

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, Sept 2nd - 4 miles or Rest / 4 Miles
Tuesday, Sept 3rd - 3 miles or Cross Train / 6 MILES
Wednesday, Sept 4th - 4 miles / 4 Miles
Thursday, Sept 5th - Rest / REST
Friday, Sept 6th- 6 miles / 3 MILES
Saturday, Sept 7th- Rest / REST
Sunday, Sept 8th - 6 miles / 6.55 MILES

Total Miles Week 9 of Training = 23.55 MILES


Shall we discuss the IVS Peoria, IL Half Marathon? Yeah... if you want to read recaps - you can read Holly's or Sami's.

Here is my recap... It was the first race I ever quit and honestly I don't regret it AT ALL. It was NOTHING but steep incline hills and my knees were aching... I knew by mile 5 I was DONZO. I have 3 halves coming up and a full in December I am NOT going out on a course like that. NOPE - ain't having it! Sometimes your body just knows and mine was saying "save those hip flexors baby..." so I listened and I have NO REGRETS. Very proud of Laura, Holly, and Sami for finishing a hard core course like that. It was wonderful to be a part of Running for Maggie and maybe we will even get together more for her.

I finished 6.55 and then was able to sit on the sidelines and see the finishers who placed come in. It was amazing. I have NEVER been on the "watching" side of the race and it was an amazing experience. I watched the first male come in, then the first female - grueling I tell you. These people were BEASTS - anyone who finished that course was a beast...

I believe things happen for a reason - me stopping let me be able to see how hard these people work to make the times they did. It let me watch them huff & puff, make weird noises, and collapse at the finish line. Honestly it started a fire inside... Kind of put the "HELL YEAH" back in motivation for me. Sparked a desire to crank this shiz up...

Am I a quitter - sure I am... but I don't regret it, it lead me to find that motivation I was lacking... and watch out people cause it's BACK!

Friday, September 6, 2013

What, You No like?

Well today I had originally planned to do a whole post on why Holly is the ultimate ray of sunshine, but... you can read her post HERE... LOL

Speaking of getting our feelings hurt (Holly and her Abscent Sunshine Award - LOL)... When you lose a follower(s) on IG, Twitter, your bloggy blog, etc... - I am sure most of you are thinking (as well as me) Why? (we are only human, right?) Did I post something ridiculous, too much kids, too much fatty food, too much ME... (never too much ME - EVER;) Truth me told - losing a follower(s) = reflection back on why they decided to exit your world of the internet?

So in the honor of that today, I am asking YOU all... what do you want to see more of - what do you want me to post more about - TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT? "Help me, help you". I blog for ME but I also blog because I enjoy YOU all - so here is your chance - what do you want from me - hahaha?

I am also putting this out there...What DON'T you like hearing about/seeing? I am a girl who takes constructive criticism - I might cry about on the inside, BUT... I do reflect back on myself and try to understand it from your perspective. NOW... I might not change if it is something that is apart of my core values, BUT I can appreciate your point of view. I might be opening a can of worms here - but hey... I can handle it...

Feel free to leave your wants and/or not wants in the comments below... or email me personally at - even if you don't comment often and you are thinking something when reading this - DO COMMENT or EMAIL... It's time for me to do some personal reflection and I need your help:)


On a lighter note... Keep an eye out on IG - my first half marathon this season is Sunday AND... this is the FIRST race I am traveling for. We leave Saturday afternoon and will be back on Sunday afternoon. I am so excited to share this with Holly and K9Bish.

And... for your viewing pleasure - MY BAY BAY BOY! Just cut his hair last night. hahaha

FYI... I am taking Monday off of blogging (I will be gone this weekend and have class on Monday - so a day off sounds appropriate) - I will be back on Tuesday with my race re-cap and hopefully, if I get some comments, answering and adding your WANTS into next weeks posts.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sunshine & Running for Maggie

If you don't know, my girl Melissa from Life As a Folz is a running fan too. I am doing a few September challenges with her - plank errrrday and a cheat day ONCE a week. She asked me a few questions and I wanted to make sure I answered them for her....

She thinks I am her "ray of sunshine"... hahaha - no it was called the "Sunshine Award" and since I have some new followers here lately - it's time for a little Q&A...

Questions from Melissa:
1. What is your favorite "skinny" recipe? - honestly, I don't eat skinny. I like real butter and good ole sugar BUT... if I have to choose one it would be Skinny Angel Food Cupcakes with Strawberries - Angel food cake is my "go to skinny" dessert although I usually add a significant amount of butter cream icing. womp.womp.womp

2. What is your favorite exercise? SQUATS or the Superman... BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY

3. Where did you meet your spouse/significant other? College, 1999. CMSU BAY BAY!

4. Do you have pets? If so what kinds? Yes I have a little 7 lb doggie named Asti - she is a morkie (maltese/yorkie mix). 

5. What advice would you give to someone running their first half marathon? Follow the training schedule, hydrate mucho, relax, and enjoy the running experience. You can read my tips HERE

6. Weight lifting or cardio? BOTH, duh!!! Combo of both is what I am screaming. 

7. Whats your favorite cardio? RUNNING...

8. Whats your favorite TV show right now? Modern Dads, sports, and the good ole news. If you follow me for sometime now - you know I am not really a TV person. 

9. How many times a week do you workout? 4-5 on a good week - if not, then I like to at least get 3 good runs in a week. 

10. Do you have cheat meals? If so, whats your favorite? HELLLOOO, your talking to me??? I eat... A LOT... and like it... Some of my favorites are Swedish Fish (of course), pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza, MEAT - good ole bloody red meat, bread - any kind please (mmmm bagels), and waffles/pancakes... baby... WITH syrup... Pass me the fat please;)


My first half marathon this Fall 2013 season is Sunday, and I am "Running for Maggie". Sami from Simply Sami is doing a big give-a-away on her blog to raise money for the Maggie Bertram Foundation for the Fine Arts. If you are interested - please head over to her blog and check out the deets. I will be running with Sami (her first EVER... half marathon on Sunday in Peoria) and I am excited to do so. 

Thursday OUT

Fav cardio? Fav TV show? Racing this weekend?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So What Wednesday...

Linking up today with Shannon at Life After I Dew for the infamous - So What Wednesday...

So what if....

I am on a health kick and it might only last a week - but hey... whatever!

I am getting pumped to run 13.1 in Peoria, IL this weekend with my favs - Holly, Sami, and K9Bish. I was thinking I would take this race easy, but then Holly said she wanted to full on run this one... and there you have it - MOTIVATION! (In other news.... if you are interested in meeting up on Saturday evening - check out Holly's page for the deets HERE)

My roots are awful and I don't have enough energy to go get them done right now. Looking like a hat is my staple until then.

I can't wait to buy the kids Halloween costumes and start decorating the house for fall - tis the season.

I am going to drive my car on EVERY rode trip this fall/winter - so hopefully the floor falls out, the doors fall off, and it screeches like a cat in heat.... I WANT A NEW CAR!

I am a total study nerd... I read the book before class, take notes in class, and then review a few days after with both the book and notes. Me likes education;)

I am completely addicted to Modern Dads on AETV - watch it, really... it is hysterical...

I cuss - quite often - and just realized it... My bad...


And... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out my girl Kimmy's page HERE. She is helping to raise awareness and funds for Garrett and his family as they struggle with the cost of medical bills. 

Garrett is a 7 year old boy who has cancer and Kimmy is quite close to their family. Any type of prayers, support, donations, etc... would be utmost appreciated. PLEASE check out the details of this loving family and adorable little boy... 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Agenda and *cough cough* Goals

It's Tuesday baby (the worst day of the week) and if you follow me on IG (@missmel_joy) you know I sat behind a car today, in traffic, with the most absurd thing posted on the back window... Ugh... So..yeah I am off to a GREAT start... LOL

I have a TON of fun things to recap for you from the weekend - like HubbyJack's surprise 30th party from Friday night (he's 30 TODAY and you can read sweet Holls tribute HERE)

Or... the "fake" camping trip from hell in K9Bish's backyard

BUT... those will have to wait...

Today I am going over my September Agenda and Goals...

September 8th - (this Sunday) I am running the IVS half marathon in Peoria, IL
September 14th - official MARATHON TRAINING begins (St. Jude Marathon in Memphis on Dec 7th)
September 28th - I am running the Fort4Fitness half marathon in Ft. Wayne, IN

I am keeping it to just the two halves this month and I will not be racing any 5k's - because October I am running a few more halves and still training for the marathon.

I have jumped on the bandwagon with my girl Melissa from My Life as Folz (thank you for my sunshine award I will have it up this week girl;).

- Plank a Day Challenge... (with Melissa)
- Squats every day - find the dang time...
- Stick to my training schedule
- One cheat day a week - yes a whole day because my meals turn into a day... no shame in the game...
- No Swedish Fish ALL month - I am dying on the inside thinking about this...
- Booze... ONCE a week - that's it... shouldn't be too terrible, but football and beer go together like Big Sexy hairspray and me;)

Well there you have it. I am REALLY hoping to shed at LEAST 7 lbs this month... Yes 7, because I like that number... I will weigh in tomorrow not sure if I will post it but I will be weighing in. LOL...

Happy Tuesday Peeps

Weekend fun? Goals for September? Camping fiasco stories for me?