Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bring on 2014 with a Challenge

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments yesterday on my first marathon post. I appreciate it so much. Today we sit - the last day of 2013 and I am READY for a new year baby!!!

I have been thinking really hard about my resolutions for 2014 and I am going to keep them to just a few - sometimes my mind wanders and I have 17 million things I want to accomplish - then I get overwhelmed and crawl back into my turtle shell. I have learned to keep my goals minimal and if I achieve more, then BONUS!

2014 Resolutions
2 Marathons (goal of sub 4:30)
5-7 Half Marathons (goal of sub 1:50)
Lose 10-15 lbs (tone up)
Travel without "running" involved
Continue to get A's in my classes

With all that being said, I am looking forward to starting 2014 and going back to my favorite "weight lifting" and actually running because I love it (not for training). If you haven't heard already Holly, Jenn, Kimmy, and I are gearing our rears up to smack JM in the face everyday in the Jillian in January Challenge. If you are interested in joining this challenge and winning some CASH MONEY YO... here is what you need to know:

All you have to do to join is pick your favorite Jillian DVD. I like her DVD's because they are only about $9 a Target and they are short enough to do before/after work and actually provide results. You can check out Holly's Shred results HERE.

Starting this Thursday, the 2nd, we are doing a 30 day challenge. If you want to join in on the fun {and accountability}, just take your before pictures and measurements. You do NOT share these with us until you are done with the challenge if you want to compete for the prize. Use the hash tag #jmdvdchallenge for your chance to win a prize pack.

1st place gets $150 cash money. Each of us will pick one person with the best before and after pictures. We will then post those images on our instagram feeds. The person with the most LIKES gets the money.

There is also a prize for "A" for Effort. The person who consistently posts their daily Jillian workouts and keeps others motivated will win a Ruffles with Love tank of their choice.

The great thing about the challenge, is that it provides two make-up days for those who can't do the DVD 30 days in a row. It also ends on Sunday, February 2nd, the day of the Super Bowl... so we can all pour Velveeta cheese down our pie holes to celebrate;)

I am planning on doing before and after pictures AND posting them after the challenge here on the good ole bloggy blog - FREAKS ME OUT... but I think it is about time to get real and make this commitment to myself. 

Have a wonderful New Year's and best of luck to everyone in 2014!

Planning on joining the challenge? Did you get what you want accomplished in 2013? Run with me in 2014?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Run For the Ranch Recap / My First Marathon

Saturday, December 28th 2013 I ran my first 26.2 in Springfield, MO. I was supposed to run the St. Jude full this year but due to the unfortunate weather - it was canceled - so I signed myself up the next closest marathon - and Springfield it was... I have dedicated my life since July to training and NOTHING was going to stop me from putting 26.2 under my feet. Shall we re-cap?

The Day/Night Before the Marathon...
Friday morning, the family and I left for Springfield (about a 3 1/2 hr drive from home). Packet pickup went off without a hitch and the hotel was nice with an indoor pool for the kids to tire themselves out. I ate dinner the night before: a steak, baked potato, salad, and bread. I also loaded up on water that whole week prior. That night I laid out my running attire - I was definitely running in my St. Jude shirt and pinning the St. Jude bib to my back - it just made sense. The weather was unseasonably warm so I was able to wear shorts with my purple Pro Compression socks - YAY! I am a minimalist when it comes to racing. I just need my shoes, a good hat (did you know you waste energy squinting?), well made sports bra, Vaseline (for my whole body), and my loom that Elle made me (it's my security blanket). Dinner was good and I got to bed at a decent hour (after yelling at the kids 72 times to stop kicking one another and hit the hay). I was ready.

Race Day
Saturday morning I woke up around 6:30 AM or so and drank my cup of coffee, got my gear on, and started drinking my water. I ate breakfast (bagel with cream cheese, banana, and 1 hard boiled egg) around 8:00 AM. We loaded up the car and got the kids ready for their big day at Bass Pro with E:) We headed out and got to MSU Campus around 9:30 AM or so. The kids wanted to see me take off. I met up with Theresa and her husband before and we chatted for bit - she is a doll. She was running another half - she is a HALF FANATIC, literally. Snapped some pics with the family (and Theresa) and it was go time.

I chose not to wear my headphones for the first half of the race. The first 16 miles were good - I was doing around a 10:00-10:30 pace - I did go under 10:00 a few of those miles. The course is a loop of 3.2 flat miles and I was unsure how I would like this. I hydrated every 1.5 miles - water, then Gatorade, then water, etc... You ran through neighborhoods around the MSU Campus and there were quite a few turns but it was a really beautiful day to run and I was enjoying the scenery. Those doing the half tapered off after the 4th loop as they finished, and the marathoners became scarce. This was a smaller race - about 200 doing the half and about 115 doing the full. As I rounded the 6th loop around mile 18 I heard "mommy, mommy, go mommy go" and at that moment I had that knot in the throat, eyes starting to fill with water, heart growing bigger moment. It WAS MY BABIES and....they ran onto the course. At that moment I had two options - cry and lose all my water that I have been trying to keep in or yell at them to get off the course - hahaha. I slapped their hands, laughed, and told them to be careful and get on the sidewalk so racers can get through. Mile 18 I heard was the hardest, but seeing them made this mile the BEST. I turned up my tunes and thought SEE YA baby I AM doing this...

I kept running (slowed a little) - mile 19 passed, mile 20 passed, 21 passed (I saw the kids again and I put up one finger - like ONE MORE LOOP BABY)... and then 22 hit and I had the strangest feeling. I felt like I was going to get sick. I started sweating that icky "your going to puke" sweat and my tongue got really heavy. My heart started racing and I felt like I was going to pass out. I kept telling myself - "keep going"... but I knew I was about to get sick on some one's lawn so I took a moment to let my feet hit the ground, catch my breath, and get my mind right... I walked at a fast pace for about 30 seconds and picked it back up - MUCH slower pace but hey... I was ALMOST there. I wasn't sure if I hydrated too much, motion sickness (you know how BAD mine is), too little/too much Gu Chomps, or what? Mile 23-24 got better - I was running - slower... but I was still out there - mile 25 was a blur... and as I rounded the lest leg, the finish line, there my babies stood...I DID IT and they were there to see it - they will always be in the memory of "mom's first marathon". At that moment I was beyond grateful for all the wonderful things in my life and humbled for the strength I have been given.

My kids came running out and we hugged and squealed - I received my medal and in that moment I knew I could do ANYTHING I set out to do and this was proof to my children to NEVER GIVE UP...

I finished in 4:57 and my goal was under 5 hrs. I could go on and on about how I wish I hadn't had stopped to catch my breath or how I held it back those last couple of miles... but it doesn't matter because I only have one place to go from here... UP!!!!

Few More Deets
The race was great - I would highly recommend. Very well organized and the course was nice. I would run this again. My attire was perfect and my Asics were amazing. Running in them was a complete different feeling - my feet felt great. I ate Gu Chomps at mile 8/16/22 and a few gummy bears along the way;) I wore my compression socks for my 3 hr drive home and my calves feel great. I hydrated mucho;)  And... on that note... I will be running more marathons in the future:)

Thank you ALL for your continued support and encouragement through all my training and this weekend - it means more to me than you can imagine. I am humbled beyond belief and grateful for such wonderful family and friends. 

If you have any other questions about the race or want to know more - you can email me at missmel_joy@yahoo.com - I would be happy to share whatever I can.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Next Up Marathon...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas... We had a great Christmas eve and day... I had planned on sharing a photo dump of some of my favorite pictures from Christmas but I am at home and something funky is going on with my computer... So... that will have to come later (I did manage to get one though to work)

Sorry all text post below...

I am up EARLY on my day off because I can't sleep - I am beyond stoked about Saturday. The weather is supposed to be 55 and sunny in Springfield, MO and running weather CAN'T get better than that (unless it is 70 and you are running along the ocean;) I am even contemplating wearing shorts with my Pro Compression socks  - you know I have had my race outfit planned for 3 months...

I have been keeping up with my running (training) and doing well (fingers crossed) - I hit up 3 miles on my treadmill on Christmas and today I am going to head to the gym to stretch these legs out with a little 2 miler and some walking. That will be all I do until 26.2 on Saturday.

I opened up my Runners World magazine from November and read an article about how long to wait to run if your actual race was cancelled due to weather, and now I am freaking out and a little discouraged. It said that 1 week after or 5-6 weeks after are recommended. It stated that running 2-4 weeks after your cancelled race is not ideal. AGH!!!!!!!!!! That is what I am doing. It stated because there isn't enough time to bring back up the training - ugh.... but I am going for it.... going to give it my all... I need to let that article go... but it is weighing on me.

With all this being said, I am getting a few miles in, packing up, and heading out tomorrow morning. First time traveling with the family for a race - I need to get my packet, eat (of course), and I am taking the kids swimming in the hotel and playing Old Maid, Crazy Eights, and Go Fish in the room until they pass out - or I do first.

Race is at 10 AM (start time) on Saturday morning and then we are driving home afterwards - eeeek! 4 hrs in the car after running 26.2 - any recommendations? I am kind of hoping to just sleep... Well the next time you hear from me, hopefully I will have put 26.2 under these two feet. I will be on IG @missmel_joy if you wish to follow. Have a great weekend my friends and RUN IT!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The "Not So" about Christmas...

I love Christmas - the magic - the kids faces - the decorations - the traffic - the added lbs - the angry faced shoppers - the stress - the shopping for my "hard to please" mother - the kids touching the decorations 73 times and breaking about 5 things a year - the fights about how much money to spend/not spend - the running around like a madman and forgetting at least 3 items when it comes down to the day... ummmm... I like Christmas "so-so". 

I love the holidays for my kiddos and I try to make it extra special for them. We have a few traditions that we keep each year and I do adore those, but today's post is about the "Not So" about Christmas (for me).

Peter (our elf's name) the Elf on the Shelf - I am about over him... he's so overrated and about as outdated as UGG boots - gasp did I say that? 

Christmas Cards - I get it... the sweet sentiment and thoughtfulness, but tell me what you do with them after the Holidays? Trash - garbage - landfill food... wait, just me?

Christmas lights - yes I love them, but I don't love looking at them in February and we ALL have THAT person our street that loves to keep them up until March. NADA... 

Christmas parties - parties are where IT IS AT, but I don't love the chaos that ensues in my house when 232 cars are parked on our street and our lawn gets mowed over by your huge truck's tires. It does not equal a happy home for me. 

Christmas "outfits" - yes this becomes HELL in my house. Elle wants to wear her Christmas dress to the "park" 5 weeks before Christmas and hounds me to wear her sparkly shoes all day every day, Christmas morning Wes runs around naked until I catch him and put on his Christmas attire, only to have him take it off and I find him throwing it in the trash can - fabulous... 

Christmas Gifts - I have three sets of parents - My mom and step-dad - My dad and step-mom - and E's parents - the lovely moment when one of your kids opens their gift and says "I already got this from so and so" and you watch the face of the parent who just gave it to them melt into disappointment. Ugh...

All in all I do love Christmas - the holiday parties we attend are my favorite of the whole year and watching the kids is beyond beautiful in itself... but I can't lie - the holidays can bring out the worst in me;) And on that note, Happy Holidays my friends...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winding Down & I still loath V-day...

If I haven't said it once, twice, I am saying it again - I am D.O.N.E. with 2013. Looking back I really did have an amazing year and started many new opportunities, which I am thankful for BUT... I am over this year. 

January and February tend to be my two LEAST favorite months - not sure if it is because I live in the frigid cold or just because those months lag, drag, and Valentines Day makes me ill. If I could take one holiday "out back and shoot it" it would be that day. Commercialized lovey crap. Barf... I wrote about my dislike for it last year HERE 

Okay off my rant... Next week is Christmas and I am jammed pack full of fun;) This weekend I have my Christmas party tonight (dress up bay bay;), tomorrow I have a few last minute things to take care, Sunday I am having K9Bish and her kids over to bake cookies and I am spending Sunday night with my bff, who I have been friends with since I was 13 - Beth Ann. Weekend ON!

I will try and get on and get a few posts in next week. I leave the Friday after Christmas for Springfield, MO and hopefully the marathon will take place on Saturday morning;) I can't WAIT!!!! If I am M.I.A. on the blog, you can always catch me on IG @missmel_joy - my happy place;)

Have a stellar weekend

Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Recap

Hey Hey Hey... 2013 is almost OVER and I thought it would be fun to go back and look at my resolutions to see if I kept any;)

You can read some of my 2013 resolutions HERE...

2013 Resolutions:
Start to let my "guard" down or my "wall". I keep a guard up at all times, because I don't like disappointment at ALL. I don't like being let down, so I always think the "worst" and if it works out then great and if not, then I can go with "told ya so". Yes I need to work on this.(Eh... I am still working on this)

Stop being so hard on myself. I am my WORST critic - for real I am terrible. I have to let some of that go and actually be my BEST supporter. This I will work on..(I am REALLY trying - this one is so hard)

Stand up to others. You wouldn't think it, but I back down often (from certain people), because it is easier to just "let it go". This year I will work on standing my ground - even if it reeks havoc;) (YES, YES, and YES - accomplished)

Internalize more. I am a HUGE extrovert. I love being around others, near others, talking to others, etc... I think in 2013 I need to focus more internally. Now, don't get me wrong I am not letting go of my true self, but I need to figure some shiz out  ~ this year I will do that. (I believe I did work on this, but I have a long ways to go)

I had a few more wishes HERE and I can say I am hoping the "marathon" one comes true next weekend:) and I did wear a bikini for the first time in 7 years;)

Here are a few highlights from 2013:

I ran 11 races and that includes 5 half marathons 

I traveled for races.

I started my MBA.

I started including my kids in traveling.

Started new friendships/relationships.

Elle started kindergarten (huge transition for all of us)

Cut my hair - LOL...

I am hoping my marathon on the 28th - fingers crossed...

Okay there are probably more - but hey, this will have to do for now... I am ready for 2014 and will have my resolution post up soon. Looking forward to next year and the excitement of a new year/start.

Happy Thursday

Any 2014 resolutions? Any special highlights from 2013? One race you MUST run in 2014?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I AM...

I feel that I am an open and honest person on this blog, but we all hesitate at times before we post (if you say you don't - you are not being truthful #sorryIamnotsorry)

I am going to lay a few things out there for you today... NOW... let me preface by saying that I am OPEN to everyone and their own opinions and/or beliefs - these are just some of mine...

- I am Catholic. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in prayer. 

- I believe in working hard for the things you have.

- I believe in educating oneself.

- I believe your children come first, but to not to lose sight of who you are. 

- I strive for more. I always have a goal to achieve. I do not feel satisfied stagnating.

- I believe in the power of positivity - I lack patience for non-stop negativity. 

- I don't acknowledge behavior that "I" find ridiculous (in whatever form that means). 

- I will try, try, try, and at some point I find it exhausting  if the trying is not reciprocated. I will then stop and never try again.

- I believe if you are not happy, to make the changes necessary to get you to that "happy state".

- I believe in taking responsibility for one's actions. 

- I do not forgive easily and I never forget. 

- I have secrets that will never be shared.

- I like to be in control - and do not do well taking a back seat.

- I believe you live on this earth once - so enjoy it while you are here.

- Instead of getting upset, I shut it out and move on quickly.

- I lack emotion sometimes when it is NOT happiness.

- I feel inferior often.

- I have a small attention span... and my mind wanders often.

- I am competitive.

- I have a hard time trusting.

- I try not to let other's negative opinions of me hurt - but they do.

- I have a big open heart and this means it can get hurt all too easily as well.

- I love all those in my life and try my hardest to make sure they know that every single day. I believe you need to tell those around you love them - show them what they mean to you.

Alright there you go... Just a little "I am" session for you today. Have a great worst day of the week!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Fitness Related

It's Monday and this weekend wore me OUT... It was filled with "not too much going on" but "all too much".

I am STILL running and the marathon is creeping on me fast - it is Saturday, December 28th in Springfield, MO. This "Run for the Ranch" is a bit different than the other races I have ran, it is a loop race. The race course is 3.2 mile loop and you run it 4x for a half marathon and 8x for a marathon. OUCH... I remember the last race in Peoria - this was a loop race and you ran it twice AND... I hated it. Ugh... When I reached the finished line I was supposed to be done and my mind could not comprehend going around AGAIN... Now I go around 8 times. AGH!!!!!!!!

Am I nervous to run 26.2 in the bitter cold?- honestly, not that much - I am more excited than anything. Am I nervous what my mind will do running the loops? - YES!

So here is what I am doing to prepare besides STILL following the training schedule OVER AGAIN. I am going to run two loops this weekend. I have this trail by me that is 5.1 miles - I plan on running it twice on Sunday morning and we will see how my mind does. I have a few 5 milers & 4 milers this week and then I am doing 10 this weekend. Next week (Christmas week) is taper week and then that Saturday is the day - weather willing...

I am going to be honest - I can't wait for January and hitting weight training hard again. I am on a mission in 2014 to get my booty in GREAT shape (and still run - you know I love it too much) because I might have convinced some ladies to run the Cupid's Undie Run with me in February - BAAAHHH!!!

Monday Out

Ever run a loop half or marathon? Any tips for this type of course? Wanna undie run with?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Kotte Kids Randomness

I know many of you might be tired of seeing/hearing about my babes - if so then this post is NOT for you. I can't get enough of their faces, so I am all over it...

Wes met Santa Claus for the first time this week (in his girl pajamas). I know he is 3, but Elle LOATHED Santa with every fiber of her being and I just stopped taking her so Wes never got to go... Well he liked him - pink reindeer on his pj's and all. 

Jingle Bell Ball went smoothly with no booty in the face - thank heavens! Wes was in the front and when the music started he turned around backwards to see all his friends - I for SURE thought the pants were going down then, BUT nope... he just was backwards for the entire performance. Oh and I had this adorable sweater outfit picked out for him and he fought me tooth and nail to wear his Superman shirt - so after the 9th time he threw himself on the ground, screamed he was going to put the sweater in the trash, Elle crying about her hair, the dog barking nonstop at the mailman, and a solicitor ringing the doorbell... I pulled my white flag... DONE... wear it - who cares! Elle was in the audience for the first time and it was like a high school reunion for her seeing all her friends she grew up with. Cute. 

Elle had observation night at her dance studio on Wednesday. That means I sat through 2 hrs of her acting like a ham. She takes cheer, hip hop, and jazz (ballet and tap) so it was fun to see her act up for mama;) I am really proud of her and she truly enjoys it - so that is what makes it special for me.

I am taking the kids to see Frozen tomorrow night - SOLO and this will be Wes's first movie trip EVER so should be interesting. I am hitting up Walgreens before to fill my purse with snacks. I just want my Milk Duds mixed with the movie theatre popcorn - I can't wait to shovel that in my face after running 16 miles tomorrow. LOL - Honestly though, what did I do with my time before kids? 

Do your kids have clothes they wear over and over? Seen Frozen? Dancing princess?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finish the Sentence Link-Up Christmas Style

It is my favorite link-up time - FINISH THE SENTENCE - Christmas Style... Holly and Jake bringing it back, bringing.it.baaack...

1. My favorite Christmas was.... hummm... I never really enjoyed Christmas like I do now that I have kids - they bring the magic back. I guess the one year when my brother and I swore we heard bells on the rooftop at midnight and freaked out. To this day I SWEAR it happened. 

2. The worst Christmas I had...when I was 12 and Santa brought me my first period... thanks so much.

3. That one gift that made me scratch my head and say, "Hmmmm" was... Please read number 2 again.

4. One year I.... let's just say one year I went shopping (we did this as MY Christmas gift - I picked out stuff and they wrapped it for ME to open under the tree) and picked out all this Tommy Hilfiger stuff with the intention to re-wrap it and give to my boyfriend (I was like 16 and worked as a hostess at this restaurant that the requirement was to be 75+ to get in) I did.. he loved it... I got nada and now re-reading this back, he must of been scrawny. Ugh... HA

5. I think the worst gift to give is.... to NOT give food. BAKE ME SOME GOODS and let me have peace on Earth.

6. At Christmastime I typically.... screw up the spreadsheet majorly;)

7. Typically, family Christmas.... is awesome. This is honestly my favorite Holiday party to attend. We eat, laugh, drink, open gifts, let the kids run wild and play with this awesome train, drink, do cheer-leading pyramids, eat, drink, and play poker at the end of the night that I usually clean up on. BOOM!  

8. If I could change one thing about the Holiday season.... it would be a mandatory day off the day AFTER Christmas when it falls on a weekday. 

9. It is so hard to buy for.... my mother. period. She hates gift cards and when she opens your gift and doesn't like it she doesn't hesitate to tell you. "Oh honey I would of NEVER picked out that bracelet" - thanks Mom.

10. My favorite Christmas tradition is... taking the kids and going street to street looking at lights, our Advent Calendar openings, and our reading "The Story of Jesus" on Christmas eve - or my tradition to go home after Christmas with a perm-a-grin AKA vodka tonic face;)

11. Santa, baby, bring me a .... DANG car... I mean I have only asked for 3 Christmas's now. I am not THAT naughty;)

Give-A-Way CITY...

- My friend Gina is hosting this great give-a-way on this super cute scarf - check it out HERE.

- My adorable friend Jenn is hosting a great give-a-way too - get over there and check out the $100 gift card you could win - check it out HERE.

- HubbyJack is hosting an unique give-a-way - love this idea. Check it out HERE.

Get to linking up Friends - this is too fun to pass up!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Me & My Christmas Kids...

I don't really ask for much for Christmas, but that doesn't mean I don't LOVE gifts. Just ask the 5 Love Languages what my first language is... Um... "GIFTS"! Who would of thought, right? Then of course it is "Physical Touch". I am not a "Words of Affirmation" person - that came in LAST... HA;) Do it.. don't tell me:)

With Gifts being numero uno in my language you can BET I love Christmas. I love giving gifts just as much as I love receiving them. I want the person to open their gift and immediately fall in love with it. It makes me happy to see other's happy - so it all goes hand in hand.

I was going to do a whole post on "what I want for Christmas" and trust me there are things I want BUT... I just want good weather on December 28th to run 26.2. Not too much to ask, right?

Just an update on my daaaaahlings... Elle is great - she is losing more teeth than a 97 year old man but she is reading, writing, and becoming so independent. She is turning into a mama's girl and that makes a part of my heart happy. I love doing girlee things with her. She asked for some pretty awesome things for Christmas - such as a peacock;) Last year she wanted chickens and I told her our ordinance wouldn't allow them - so this year she said I bet we can have "peacocks". Yeah... not so much... Her Christmas pageant is tomorrow and I wouldn't miss it for the WORLD... Love my Elle Bell.

Wes is hysterical and so darn cute (well at least to me). He is extremely active and a comedian all in one. I don't think 5 minutes go by where I am not laughing so hard at him that I can't breathe. He wrote out his list to Santa and asked for superhero's, an umbrella, and a barbie movie;) He is awesome like that. His Jingle Bell Ball is tomorrow evening and I asked if he was excited to sing - his response was "I am not singing I am going to pull my pants down and show everyone my butt". Awesome... Please GAWD don't let this kid do that tomorrow. Oh FYI... today he had "Christmas PJ day" and I MIGHT have bought the wrong gender PJ's but he doesn't care - ask him his favorite color, it's PINK and that makes him happy and guess what - it does me too:)  

Don't forget about the "Finish the Sentence" link-up tomorrow with Holly and Jake - these are my favorite!!!

Have a Great Wednesday

What is on your Christmas List? Hot item for the kids? Linking up tomorrow?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I don't break the rules, I just bend them...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments yesterday - I AM excited to run on the 28th. 3 more weeks of training - I can handle that:)

I am a pretty "go with the flow" girl unless it comes down to a few things - then I pull the "princess card". 

I will NOT walk a long way to get somewhere - Sure... I will run twenty something miles but I will NOT park a million miles away to walk to a store, game, or any place matter of fact. I WILL pay that 30 bucks to park next to Busch Stadium, valet all day errrrday, or park in the space that says "30 minute parking only" - that is JUST me. 

Don't even ask to roll down the windows down in my car - it just isn't going to happen. I like AIR - not outside air the AIR coming out the vents in my car. I don't want my hair blown to Timbuktu and I don't want to hear Shania Twain bumpin in the car next to me. Nope - not gonna happen. I am good with my nicely coiffed hair and No Limit Soldiers thank you;)

BBQ is not for me... I am not going to eat it out... period... Sure I will throw back a good slab of ribs off the grill in my own home, but I am NOT going to slop my face up in public. I will be fine sipping down a glass of Pinot Noir or a nice cold Stella, all the while why using my chop stix to eat sushi. I am not ashamed to say I like fine dining. Sue me... 

I am NOT the most patient person you will meet - so if things are not done in a timely fashion I find a way to get them done. I will go up to the bar and get my own beer (or make someone go for me;), I will find someone ELSE to help me, or I MIGHT even do it myself. 

Hotels and I can get tricky... I WILL spend the extra money to upgrade to suite or have the big tub. I like a nice room. I like to walk in and feel that "ahhhh this is nice" feeling and when I get back from a long day of conferences, I want to walk in and love it - just as I do my house. 

Oh you want to snap a quick picture - WAIT... I need to put on my lip gloss, check my hair, and I will be nudging to get to the spot that is my "good side";) Sorry I am NOT sorry...  

I play dumb to get what I want sometimes... Yes I said it... If you act like you don't have a clue what is going on or put on the "what - I don't understand?" face you would be amazed at the kind of results you get.

Well today was confession Tuesday... HAHAHA. Yes I can be a princess when I want to be. Those of you who know me, know my quirks... but I do have a big heart... I promise:) Now I want to hear some of your "princess card" moments... Please do share...

Happy Worst Day of the Week

Monday, December 9, 2013

Minus 26.2

This weekend you all know that it was the St. Jude Memphis Marathon and this was to be my FIRST 26.2 ever. I have been training since July, cutting out booze, planning my life around long runs, and spending way tooooo much time away from my family to get these runs in. This weekend was IT - the last of all of it. I was going to become a marathoner AND... get my life back. WRONG...

If you want a good recap of the weekend - check out Holly's post HERE - it sums it up nicely...

We drove to Memphis on Friday in weather that I have never seen before - we saw 60+ cars/trucks off the road or flipped over. It usually takes 4 hrs to get there - it took 8. I am not an anxious person and when it was my turn to drive, my lip was quivering from anxiety and I wanted to start crying every time a semi barreled through next to me. There were NO lanes only white ice and snow. Thank GAWD for Laura who drove 95% of the entire way...

We make it to Memphis, realize the weather doesn't seem to bad there and that this marathon HAS to be ON. We head to the expo, get our bib and swag, and make our way to the Pasta Party that the Hero's were invited to. It was lovely and we met so many people - it was making the whole experience REAL! We were getting EXCITED. Head back to the hotel - pull up to the valet and BOOM... our world was devastated. We received an email that the marathon had been CANCELED... The whole trip up to our room was a blur... Laura starts to cry, Holly is cussing like a demon, and I am just staring out into space like "is this really happening?". Well it was...

We all get ourselves together and muster up enough makeup to make us look presentable and head down to the lobby bar to drink - because in all honesty I was not in the mood to live it up... I was devastated, heart broken, and sick to my stomach. We drank, laughed, and tried to lift our spirits but I was still hurting bad...

I tried to sleep - I couldn't I tossed and turned and kept hoping this was all a dream. Saturday we got up, laid around and then headed to brunch with LB - highlight of my weekend for sure. I stuffed cheese soup, french toast, and mimosas in my face and it felt GOOD!.

The ride home was not great either, but we made it. Holly's car has been through hell and back and I owe Holly basically my life (or a year supply of Lumiday) for letting us take her car.

Here is what I learned:

I am not traveling to run again for a long time. St. Louis has races and I am sticking with those.

I am determined to make 26.2 in 2013, so I signed myself up for the Run for the Ranch in Springfield, MO in 3 weeks. Please, Please, Please let the weather be decent. I am also beyond stoked my babies will be there to see me finish. I wanted them there so bad and now they get to - maybe St. Jude was meant to not happen for a reason - because now I get to hug my sweet children when I cross that finish line.

If you see me and I am all "ohhhh let's do it - it will be fun - I swear we will have a great time" - run the opposite direction.

Do NOT for any reason let me drive in the snow/ice EVER again - I can't let my armpits sweat that much - not a good thing.

I WILL be going back to Memphis next year for St. Jude and running - not sure a full or half but I will be there. My heart has to run for those kids.

NEVER sleep in a full bed with anyone again - my thighs are too big.

GET MYSELF A NEW CAR. Pearl (my Nissan Altima) would have NEVER made it to Memphis.

I have amazing friends - through all the cussing, crying, screaming, sound machine noise, pretending to not hear or see, and freaking out - I am glad I had one last trip with my girls.

All of your well wishes and continued support/love mean the WORLD to me - thank you ALL for always being there to make me feel better even in the darkest moments. I am not giving up on my goal and I dedicate this next race to YOU.

So I am going to keep up my training for 3 more weeks and nail this 26.2 - here is to 3 more weeks of running like a maniac, taking time away from everyone I love, and not drinking or having any weekend fun;) In the end though... it will ALL be worth it... Springfield, MO I am coming for ya!!!

Monday Out

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Prepping for Memphis...

It's Tuesday (the worst day of the week) and the last Tuesday I am going to consider myself an NON-marathon runner - right? AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now there are a million things running through my head. I know Holls anxiety level is at its all time highest, and K9Bish is packing her sound machine as we speak;) It's all in the works... So today I am going to ramble on about my thoughts, what I am doing to prepare this week, and what I hope to accomplish this weekend...

I am stoked - beyond stoked. I can't stop checking Memphis weather, race elevations, and blog posts from those who have previously ran this marathon. I border a little on the obsessed side.

I have my race attire picked out, my fuel bought, and all my going out outfits laid out in my head.

I am somewhat sad that my some of my family and close friends will not be there to see me finish. I will be hugging whoever the person is next to me at the finish line. They better not be a "boundary" person because I am NOT... and I won't hesitate to go in for a long drawn out sweaty hug;)

I am eating better this week - drinking tons of water - and keeping up with my small runs.

I will NOT be running on Friday and Thursday I am going to do 2 miles - rest these legs for Saturday.

My strategy on the course is to take in EVERY moment - I AM running for a REASON - for St. Jude.

I will start out slower and try to pick up the pace at the end (if that is possible). 

I will rotate hydration stations between Gatorade and water and my GU will be taken at mile 8,16, & 24 - and if I feel I need more to eat - I am going to.

I don't want to stop... but if I have to - I will stop, catch my breath, let my feet hit the pavement, and pick it back up... and I will NOT beat myself up on the course about it. This race is NOT about me...

I have seen runners do this and dedicate miles to those they love - this I will be doing in my head. The last 6 are going to be rough and I will need this type of motivation to keep me going. This is when I plan to start my dedications.

I am not going to turn on my music until I feel it is time - I am hoping to at least get to mile 17 or so.

I am going to enjoy that feeling when I finish - I am NOT going to immediately get on my phone. I am going to hug those around me, watch others as they finish, be IN THE MOMENT with my friends, and hug those out to cheer us on. I also want to love on those beautiful kids and their families. Then I will call my babies and tell them I love them more than they could ever imagine!!!

AND... then I am going to nap, take a shower, and PARRRRRRRTTAAAYY!!!

I am nervous, I am stoked, and I am READY!!!! 

Any last minute tips?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Ding Ding Ding Giveaway Time... & Marathon Week Begins

First and foremost - it's giveaway time and this one is AWESOME!!!!

Holiday Hoopla

If you want to win some cool deets before the holidays get on over to The Nina Show and check this awesome give-a-way out. I hope you win one of the prize packages because they are pretty STELLAR.Hurry and get your entries in - the winner(s) are announced on Monday. YAY!!! Right in time for St. Nicks...

And... it goes a little something like this... Today starts detox from the Turkey Day and the beginning of getting myself, as well as Holly and K9Bish AMPED up for Saturday - it is marathon week Ba Ba Baaaaabaaaay!!! I finished my last "long run" on Sunday - 8 miles with my shorts on backwards - ooopsss... I honestly thought "daaaaannnng girl... how much weight DID you gain over Thanksgiving?" when I was running and they kept ridding up BUT... my booty was not the culprit - it was the shorts - or so I am claiming that;)

This week we taper quite a bit - today is my OFF day and then my running schedule looks like this...
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 3 miles
Thursday - 2 miles (supposed to be off but doing a quick 2 miler)
Friday - 30 minute jog

My goals this week are to eat clean(ish)  - you know me and drink UP... water that is... Rid this body of the swollen salt ball it is right now and get it ready to carry me along the Memphis streets:) I can't WAIT!

Monday Out
Going to enter the give-a-way? Running this weekend? Going to be in Memphis?