Monday, January 6, 2014

A few things on Monday (mostly fitness related)...

I am home. It is Monday and I woke up early to kick my workout in the booty before the kids wake up on this snowy "snowed in/schools out" day in. I wish I could take them outside but the negative wind chills have me actually considering their tiny fingers and toes - so inside it shall be...

First, my girl Holly is hosting an amazing Kiki La Rue giveaway - two $50 gift cards - get over there and check it out HERE. Did you also see that Holly signed up for the Nashville Rock N Roll Country Music Marathon in April - I am BEYOND stoked and proud of her. I am actually considering road tripping this one to run it with her - if all the cards fall into the right place it will be my second marathon. Fingers crossed:)

Second, starting this week my Friday posts will be all about my fitness goals for 2014 and how my progress is going. I will be linking up with some lovely ladies (Aubrey Leigh, Candra, Jodi, Val, Cait, Jacquelyn, and Jennifer) for "Follow Through Fridays". If you need accountability (like me), a "support group" of sorts, or just a place to jot it all down - LINK UP WITH US. If you are NOT a blogger and want to participate use the hashtag #FTF on twitter/IG and join in on the encouragement and support. These posts begin this Friday.

Third, I wanted to jot down my last week's progress in the "Jillian in January" challenge that has gotten so many people motivated and busting their tushes... I am beyond thrilled with the participation and find the encouragement/support overwhelming and wonderful.

Wednesday, January 1st - Gym (biceps, shoulders, and abs) 3 mile run.
Thursday, January 2nd - weighed in, took measurements and photos. 30 Day Shred video Day 1.
Friday, January 3rd - Gym (legs and abs), 3 mile run, and 30 Day Shred video Day 2. 
Saturday, January 4th - 30 Day Shred video Day 3.
Sunday, January 5th - Gym in my basement - snowed in (triceps, chest, legs, and abs). 30 Day Shred video Day 4. 

I am trying to watch what I eat - it's hard, like really hard, like those "dumbbell shoulder raises side squat things" in Circuit 3 of Level 1. I REALLY love food - it is such a struggle for me. I need a personal chef and not two kids running around wanting Popsicles and waffles. Ugh... I HAVE to change my mentality and when I get hungry not jump in the pantry for whatever looks appealing. That will be my challenge this week - to think before I eat and actually chew my food and not shovel it down my pie hole. I eat faster than anyone I know... It's crazy... I have to slow down and enjoy it - not scarf it down like a dog. 

I will also be upping my run mileage come this week (I wanted to taper after the marathon for a bit) as I am running my first half marathon of 2014 on January 25th. YAY! I can't wait. Just hoping the weather cooperates. 

Keep up the amazing work!

Any small goals for this week? How is JM going for you? What other workouts/running are you doing?


  1. Omg, I looooove food so much too. Now that I'm not running as much bc of injury, I have already started gaining weight! Ahh!

  2. I am just starting to blog again after some time off and I am excited for the accountability of this link up! Have a great day snowed in. Our whole state is pretty much out of school but here I am, slaving away at work. Boo.

  3. I am loving the accountability on the JM challenge! I have decided that I hate the Shred, though and am going back to Ripped although I want to also try her yoga. My other fitness goal is to get back to running. I still don't think I'll ever be a marathoner, but short distances work well for me.

  4. Those side squat things are no joke. You can get the food under control you're a rock star!

  5. You eat fast because you have kids!!! I swear, I could just eat standing up in the kitchen. They won't give us a moment's peace. :)

  6. I'm loving the JM challenge. I've never felt more support!! I DON'T get up early. I've always been allergic to mornings, but this challenge had me up at 5 today!

    Right now I'm getting ready for my first half in March. I'm heading out now (to the track at the gym) to get my scheduled 3.5 mile run in.

    I agree with Elle Noel, you'll get the food under control!

  7. Mel... don't tease me with a good time about Nashville........ Maybe we can fly. LOL

  8. I eat SO fast, I blame it on teaching. Having to scarf your food in under what feels like 10 minutes ruins your ability to enjoy a meal. Food is my biggest problem too. I'm doing really well on the See Food diet...I see food, and I eat it (ha ha )

  9. I absolutely LOATHE that move in Circuit 3 Level 1, it makes me want to punch Jillian in the face more than anything else in the world!!!

    AND you should totally go with Holly to Nashville...because I'll be there, duh :)