Thursday, January 30, 2014

Drake is going to motivate me...

And not the Drake you are all thinking...

My 4 bff's and I are headed to Chitown in May, for our "turning 35 together" trip and we are going to stay at The Drake - see how I put a spin on that - all hyped on coffee this morning;) Oh and FYI... all these bia's will be turning 35 - little ole me will still be 33. WOOT!!! I am the youngest in the group and have used this to my advantage for MANY MANY MANY years. HA... (these are my girls since grade school)

Okay here is the deal, I have almost a full 4 months to get in TIP TOP shape. The #jmdvdchallenge is wrapping up and I can say I did well. I worked out - did The Shred - ran - joined a gym - and then the bad weather happened and so did fro-yo, Twix bars, Papa Johns, Pasta, etc... you get the point... BOOYA!

With January wrapping up and my lack of motivation, running, working out, and eating healthy it's TIME to make a change... (for the hundreth time) - hey... fall down, get back up 17 times, isn't that how the saying goes - or something like that?

Feb - May Goals

My goal is simple, to feel good in Chicago. 

My FTF posts will be a weigh in for the week, my workouts that week, and goals for the weekend (the hardest time for me). I was also really bummed out I didn't run the half in Forest Park last weekend - well minus the sleet and wind that blew people sideways - so I am starting to sign myself for races for the spring - YAY! Oh... and I am doing the 10 day herbal Advocare Cleanse again starting on Feb 10th. I do the cleanse about twice a year - not just for the sheer reason of dropping that water weight, but because it really does put things back into perspective for me and I believe in the product.

Today I am going to put together my workout calendar and race calender for February and I will share that with everyone tomorrow for "Follow Through Friday". I am glad I woke up in a "Let's Do This" mood - I needed a swift kick in the booty and booking The Drake was just what I needed.

  "Then I, hopped inside the Cadillac
The chauffeur drove off and we never came back"

Goals for February? Great arm routines? Chitown places we should not miss?


  1. I'll be cleansing right along with you. I'm going balls out (or completely insane) and doing the 24 day challenge to really shape my focus.

    I like that your goal is to feel good instead of drop 20 pounds or have abs of steel or have a thigh gap (ick!).Feeling good is all about taking good care of yourself and knowing you did your best. How awesome is that! It's all about perspective and Honey, you've got the right one!

  2. Hmmm..I was in Chicago in November. What did I see. Lots of fools acting the fool. LOL...There are some strange people in Chicago so don't forget to people watch. We bummed around a bit and I have no idea what places we went to. I was told to hop in a cab and I did. Follow the leader. LOL.
    February goals...hmmm keep chugging along like the little engine that could. I think I can....I think I can...I think I can...

  3. No cleanse, but I'm with ya on moving forward with feeling good and healthy (lookin hot is just a bonus?!)

  4. You girls are going to have so much fun in Chicago!! I know of some good restaurants that I can give you when we get together. :) And your goals rock! My February goal is to stick with p90x3 even when I am in Florida. I think I can do it!!! I hope.....

  5. Nothing like a fun trip to serve as motivation :) I've got a potential cruise in August, so I need this body to be bathing suit ready!

  6. I'm right there with ya! I'm working out but not eating great!

  7. I'm the youngest in my group of friends as well. I love giving them hell about it.

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