Friday, January 24, 2014

Follow Through Friday...

It is Follow Through Friday with my LADIES!!!


This week I got my JM in like a champ and moved up to Level 3 of the Shred. Um... helloooo Level 3 - for real who can do those things where you lie on your weight and do one arm up then one leg up? I am NOT there yet. I cut back on the weight training this week and just ran a few 2-3 milers. I run a half marathon tomorrow and I wanted to be rested up. WOOP! Looking forward to hitting that pavement in this cold weather;)

Really? Here is the deal, I am making better choices but I am still eating. I have been choosing healthier options when we go out to lunch AND... I am only eating half my meal when we eat "out". I ordered a French Dip sandwich the other day and a side salad. Only ate half of the sandwich and the whole salad - that is a TOTAL win for me... I usually slop my fries up with ketchup and eat every single bite on my plate - including making sure all the salt is off the bottom of my plate AND... I order dessert, so this is "winning" in my book.

I am eating fairly well at work and snacking on fresh carrots at home while I cook instead of Sun Chips (my usual go to). I am still eating dinner and I just can't fathom making TWO dinners right now - I have enough going on. So I just eat in moderation - with the exception of Thursday night when I ate chips and salsa at Las Fuentas and then frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf after Elle's dance class. Hey... she didn't finish hers and I wasn't about to let that go to waste - sad part is... she has a cold now so it is inevitable I will be ill in a few days - maybe I will lose some weight;)

This Weeks Goals
Continue with Level 3 of the Shred - finish the #jmdvdchallenge strong... Run, Run, Run, and start focusing on my weight lifting more. I am going to weight train 4 times a week. Shoulders/Biceps - Chest/Triceps - Back - Legs - I do abs every day so that is a given. I need to UP my water baby... Chug a lug.. and I am buying another round of the Advocare Cleanse. It's time to clean it up again. I am going to start sometime in February - haven't decided yet?

That about sums up this week. Tomorrow I have dinner out "sans kids", and I am really hoping that I stick to my healthy eating plan BUT... who knows? I like a good slab of meat and I may just go in for the kill;) If I do well in the race tomorrow morning I am treating myself... to FOOD!!!

Happy Weekend


  1. I think the one arm up, one leg up is my favorite exercise on the shred!! I can only do the full plank for half the time, but still enough I feel like I really accomplished something! You'll get there - even if not for the full exercise! I hate the supermans though - they hurt my lower back and how is that really 'strength'???

  2. Sounds to me like ur doing awesome!!!
    Go girl

  3. Keep the great work! I love reading these, they help keep me going! I am giving away a Starbucks Verismo Brewer on my blog. I would love if you would check it out.

  4. Ooh good for you giving up the Sun chips, those are a weakness of mine as well. Pair the carrot sticks with Hummus, it is delicious! You look amazing girlfriend!

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  6. No I can't do the one arm thingy either!! Hope the marathon went great!!!!

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