Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting Real Here in 2014

It's Jan 2nd and that means today starts the FIRST day of the Jillian in January challenge. I woke up, stepped on the scale, took my measurements, and stood in the mirror with my Holiday bloat and took pictures... Blah... NOT my idea of a good time, but I did it and I am ready to COMMIT!

Along with the challenge I will also still be running and hitting up the gym. I went yesterday and for the first time in a LONG time, I lifted weights. I did shoulders/biceps/abs and ran 3 miles - I should of planned better because my 30 Day Shred this morning was KILLING from yesterday. I was feeling downright awful after my morning "scale/photo session" and after that workout, I felt immediately better.

Oh... I signed myself up for a half marathon on Jan 25th here in St. Louis... I have a goal to at least run 1 race every 2 months or so... YAY the FIRST race of 2014 - can't wait.

There have been a few questions regarding the challenge and Holly put together this wonderful FAQ section, you can review it below:

Jillian in January FAQ's

Which Jillian DVD's are allowed?
Any of 'em! You can do the same one for the whole challenge or switch it up... as long as it's Jillian, it's all good. 

How much are the workout DVD's?
Most of her DVD's are under $10 from Wal-mart or Target. I have also found some free ones on YouTube by googling the workout. If you are a Amazon Prime subscriber, there are a lot of free Jillian workouts included!

How many days are between Jan 2nd and Feb 2nd?
There are 32 days built into the challenge. We added some extra days because stuff comes up, for those that are wanting to complete the DVD 30 times (not required). Also, Feb 2nd is the Super Bowl, so it would be a nice celebration with Sodium Delight and booze if we wrapped it up before the game. 

Do I have to share my BEFORE pictures?
No, not unless you want to. :) Just be sure to record your measurements and take a before photo, but you do not have to share that information until the challenge is over, if you wish to compete for the $150 cash prize.

How do I enter in the contest?
Share the image on your instagram and be sure to tag the four of us (@hollystanfield@missmel_joy@kimmyyy1, and @fatchick2fitchick). Between January 31st and February 3rd, people who wish to compete for the $150 cash prize can email me their before/after pictures to > holly.j.stanfield[at]gmail[dot]com

How is a winner for the $150 prize chosen?
On Monday, February 3rd, the four of us will go through the before and after pictures that were submitted. We will each pick one finalist. Those four finalists will have their before and after pictures posted on our public instagram accounts (photos will be removed when contest ends). Whichever finalist receives the most LIKES on their photo on February 5th (until midnight CST) will win the $150 cash.

What is the "A" for Effort prize?
The winner of this prize will win a Ruffles with Love tank of their choice. The winner will be based on how frequently this person posts their workouts, uses the hashtag #jmdvdchallenge, and motivates others during the challenge.

If my instagram is private, can people see my pictures if I use the hash tag #jmdvdchallenge ?
No, unfortunately people cannot see the pictures if your profile is set to private. However, you can still enter the contest for the $150 cash prize, by emailing me your before and after pictures by February 3rd. There just isn't a way for us to consider a private account for the "A" for Effort prize.

In the 30 Day Shred, Jillian says that I "can't phone it in." What does that mean?
I have no idea. Girl is bat-shit crazy so I leave her on mute and turn up my tunes. She also says that my neck "isn't invited to this party" like we are swinging at a pinata full of Snickers. 

Do I need to post a picture to my instagram everyday? 
No way. We don't want you to annoy everyone in your feed with your awesome and sweaty dedication. But the more you post, use the hash tag, and encourage the other participants, the higher the chance of you winning the "A" for Effort prize. 

Can I do other workouts in addition to the DVD?
Sure, ya little over achiever. But really, just do what you are comfortable doing. I'll be keeping up on my runs and watching Wheel of Fortune at the gym. But you do you.

Holly also has some great visuals and charts to use that she posted HERE. 

I am ready for 2014 and to make healthy changes and get my eating and weight in check - I hope by my next marathon I am slimmer/trimmer and can FLY through it.

Best of luck to everyone this year making changes to live a healthy life... and if you have ANY questions at all, feel free to email me at 

Get your JM in today? Sore yet (ha ha ha)? Any races this month?


  1. Girl, I feel you on taking pictures/measurements and dreading the holiday bloat that was staring back at me. But if that doesn't give you motivation, I don't know what does! I'm so excited to participate in this with ya'll! WOOOO!

  2. Not sore yet, I did the yoga. well the modified version of course. these boobies arent yogalicious yet!

  3. So great! You're a motivation for us all!

  4. I'm so glad you guys got together to host this challenge. It's going to be great!

  5. L-O-V-E this challenge! I'm also going to the gym and doing a workout which leaves me super sore but I'm loving it and going to try Jillian's yoga tonight, hopefully that will make my muscles more zen :)

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