Monday, January 20, 2014

Realizing and saying "okay"...

Hey guys.. I am so sorry I didn't get my "Follow Through Friday" in with my gal pals last week. It was a hectic week and when I am swimming upstream - sometimes something gotta give.

I did want to update on how my fitness is all going though...

I have been keeping up with the 30 Day Shred daily and getting in 4-5 miles run about 3-4 times a week. I have also been able to get in 3 days of strength training a week, which I am hoping to increase soon.

I started Level 2 of the Shred on Saturday of last week and I love this level SO much. I might have somewhat of an addiction to "skaters" - I absolutely love them. The ONE thing I just don't think the Shred offers, is an intense ab workout - so I always improvise with a few of my favorite ab exercises. Maybe one day I will share my ab pics... I am still too shy and still working on them...

My Favorite Ab Routines... 

I am actually doing fairly well with eating this week, with my cheat meal of the week being Saturday night. I ate pasta and drank 2 wheat beers and felt right with the world;) With school starting up, I am busy again and forget about food - that is VERY uncommon for me... I like food - A LOT! I am usually thinking about my next meal with I am eating the previous one.

I have also finally realized and came to peace with the fact that I will NEVER be a true clean eater. I was beating myself up with food and what is "clean" and "not clean" and feeling bad for this and that. I am DONE with that. I am taking on the "moderation" way. If I want Cheez It's - I am not going to feel bad for eating them because they are not "clean" - I am going to eat a small portion and MOVE ON! I just can't eat fruit, protein, and veggies for every meal - I will DIE... seriously... that just IS NOT ME and I feel so great saying that. I am not going to deprive myself of that skinny cow ice cream - I am going to eat it and be happy. All is RIGHT with the world again, it just took me knowing who I am and being OKAY with it.

This Weeks Goals
I am excited to bump up to Level 3 of the Shred on Tuesday. I am going to get my 3 days of weight training in AND... get a few 3 milers in this week because Saturday I run my half marathon. I AM PUMPED!!! I love races... LAAAAHUUUVE races... I really missed running just because I love it - it feels good to be back on that level. I am itching to run another marathon soon. Am I crazy? Nah... I just have the running bug and I LIKE IT!

Happy Monday 
Goals for this week? Racing this weekend? How is the #jmdvdchallenge going for you?


  1. I'm the same as you. I won't ever be 100% a clean eater and I'm cool with that. People put so much pressure on you about it anymore and it's crazy!

  2. I love not clean eating. It truly is my favorite. I like cheese and bread too much to walk away from them forever. And I refuse to try alternatives that aren't really supposed to be cheese or bread. I'll just make sure I don't eat only cheese and bread. :)

  3. Hey girl! I posted my plan for training for my half this spring can you give me feed back? I love you long time

  4. I think it's super hard to eat 100% clean when you have the schedule you do. I'm all for the moderation. those legs before that race. ha!! Oh and I know a marathon that's happening in October..hint hint

  5. Sounds like your week is going to be fantastic, I need to get back on your level with fitness...Im finally coming up for air with this whole move and ready to tackle some mileage :) I am hoping to get a run in today - outside or at the gym, not sure yet :) thanks for staying motivated and keeping me there - I plan on participating on Friday :)

  6. I also came to the realization that I just CANNOT be a true clean eater, all the time. Nope, life is just too short for that. I enjoy so called "bad food" and that is ok! I mean we all need beer and fried food, right?!?! :)

  7. LOVE your outlook on food! I take a lot of slack from my workout buddy, but I have always felt like I should have a goal of fueling my body with healthy options, but depriving myself of things I love isn't worth it. Moderation. Moderation. Moderation. (I just have to continue to work on being healthy more often than not. Haha!)

  8. I used the Shred to get in shape over the summer and it was great! I love that the workouts were short enough to fit during a lunch break

  9. Oh man. Loved reading what you wrote about food. I just have to eat some cheezits or nilla wafers sometimes and I have felt like a failure! But you are so right. It's all about moderation. :)

  10. Playing catch up on my blog feed so sorry this is late…but I could NOT possibly agree with you more about the food shiz. I've tried every damn "clean eating" diet under the sun. It just doesn't work. Food makes me happy - womp womp. Although I did sign up for Weight Watchers to try to reign in the portions and keep my ass in check! :) You're such an inspiration! xo