Thursday, January 23, 2014

The ONE part of me...

You know that one part of your body that you just don't particularly care for... well mine are my arms. If you haven't noticed I wear long sleeves/ three quarter sleeves 365 days a year. You won't catch me that often in sleeveless, NEVER in a regular sleeve, and I am the QUEEN of jackets/blazers.

I have broader shoulders and the "Pauley Cursed" arms - my mother's side of the family has them and we just have to deal with it. I don't have a slender upper body and never will, so I HAVE to work my shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, traps out or else I just look like a big mush upper body.

My body is shaped somewhat like an upside down triangle. I have always been ashamed of my arms and if I am speaking the truth, I still am... but this year I am going to work really hard to embrace those muscles and let them see the sun more often.

Since I am not constantly running 20 miles on the weekends I am focusing more on weight training and I am loving it. My arms are toning up a bit and that makes me happy. Shoulders/chest are my favorite muscles to work out. I just feel that it keeps my posture nice and gives the illusion that you have a nice toned upper body PLUS... it looks nice when wearing lower cut neckline shirts.

I am putting together my shoulder/bicep day, chest/tricep day, back day, and leg day workout schedule and will post them each individually soon. I always find it helpful to see what other's are doing and try to incorporate a new routine or so - makes life fun... 

On that note, here is to 2014 and letting muscles win out over shame!!! 

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Thursday OUT!
Any arm workouts you love? Can you dig those muscles? Whose ready for the weekend?


  1. Totally agree that those upper body workouts help your posture... I have horrible posture and have noticed that since I started doing CrossFit, my posture has changed drastically already!

  2. My arms always bothered me too because they get fatty first and I have a hard time fitting into jackets and button downs. I love working my triceps and biceps for that reason. Although I never let it stop me from baring my arms. Let you arm flag fly!

  3. You have amazing arms girl, ROCK them!!!

  4. I think your arms look great! I love seeing new workout routines so I'm excited for your posts!

  5. Go girl! You rock them arms!! :) I think u are beautiful, sleeves or no sleeves :)

  6. I was just admiring my shrinking yet still large and in charge arms in the mirror this morning...there is NOTHING worse than seeing your big arms in a photo!!! I have had a fantastic workout week and am looking forward to a rest day on Sunday, after a night out Saturday, duh :)

  7. Your arms looks great!! You should not be ashamed!!

  8. I can't wait to see your weights workout schedules! I always have a hard time figuring out what to do! THANKS!

  9. You are always beautiful Mel and such an inspiration!

  10. Girl you are hot. Ha!! I'm loving Chalene Extreme. Lift heavy or go home baby. I don't want to look at JM but I wouldn't mind some definition and less jiggle in my wiggle.

  11. I am also working on my arms! I want to have enviable arms and shoulders by the summer. I wouldn't be ashamed of those guns, you should work it!

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