Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Update

Hey Hey Hey... Just wanted to give a few quick updates today...

I am revamping some things on the blog and will post about the "sponsor spots" soon. I am NEW to all this and honestly I am learning as I go. I started this blog when Wesley was around one (August 2011) and I didn't really get into it and work at consistently until September 2012 - but here I am... chugging along... and diving into new territory - hey that's my MO right?

I feel like I am somewhat in a blogging rut, so once again I am coming to you and asking you what you would like to hear about? I am a pretty open book and you know I LOVE to chit chat - so if you have any questions for me, want to know something about me, or want to hear about a certain thing/things, leave me a comment and I am ON IT... 

I am running the first race of 2014 next Saturday, January 25th and it is a half marathon (my absolute favorite). I am hoping to get in a few 5 milers this week and a nice 9 mile this weekend, and then next week just hit a few 3-4 milers before Saturday. I honestly do not have a "goal" for this race - I am just excited to get back out there after the marathon and hit the pavement.

There are some NICE give-a-ways going on right now, especially on Instagram. I am @missmel_joy on IG (I know different name... but that is me;) Here are a few you might want to check out:

#mamaneedsanewbag - Kate Spade Bag give-a-way - Check it out HERE

$250 worth of Glyder Apparel give-a-way - Check it out HERE

Kiki La' Rue has TONS of give-a-ways going on right now on IG (@shopkikilarue) and one is a YEARS worth of clothes.

Happy Wednesday


  1. I love hearing about your workouts and race recaps etc. Also love hearing about your kids and your family!! I'd love to hear more about transitioning from 1 kid to 2 kids and how you managed all of it (since I am headed in that direction very soon!)...and this might not be something you ever want to share on the blog, but I also love reading people's love stories i.e. how you met, how he proposed, wedding stuff... :) just some ideas! Love your blog!!

  2. I would like to read about what you eat daily to be so damn skinny! Also running talk, workouts. You know, just be your usual funny self! :)

  3. it weird to feel like I "know" you already. Ha! I just want to be like you and be able to balance it all. Work, exercise, kids, etc. Plus you're going to school. Yikes...busy busy girl

  4. I would love a post showing what you ate on a particular day. It helps me get ideas of different things to try.

  5. I love "Day in the life" posts, and funny disaster type moments you encounter throughout life, whether with your kids/hubby/alone! Keep being you!!

  6. Second the "day in the life of" posts...

  7. I also love day in the life posts :)

    And I'd love to know how you got into running if you haven't already done that one in depth.

  8. I love reading about peoples running routines and obviously a race cap after this upcoming 1/2. I am planning on running my first 1/2 marathon this year and since it is freezing here I am catching up on reading some of my running friends older posts for some inspirations and tips (:
    can't wait to read your new stuff!

  9. I'm kind of in a blogging rut too. One of my friends was asking me about something SUPER funny that happened to me as a brand new nurse, so I'm thinking of how to post about it. So, I guess my advice would be: tell us about a time where something super funny/embarrassing happened.

  10. Happy Wednesday, pretty lady!! You're far braver than I am to run a half in the winter! I'm definitely not a fan of running in the cold. Bring on spring!

  11. Since I am training for my first half, I'd love to read more about your running. It seems very individual but I still like to read what others are up to. I'm going 11 miles on Saturday! :)