Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life lately... the running part...

Hey there! Hai, hai, hai... Life's going my friends. Where shall I start?

I ran my first half marathon of 2014 on April 6th. It is that course with #allthehills in downtown St. Louis. I, honestly, had not been running much at ALL prior to. I logged about 15 miles total in 3 months before the race BUT... I committed so I got up and ran.

It was a gorgeous day to run and I paid 80 bucks so I wasn't about to NOT get my money's worth:) First 5 miles I was doing fine - slower than usual but keeping the momentum. Mile 6 was an incline and I saw this kid with this sign that said "shortcut" and I am not lying 77% of me was ready to head off the trail and follow that kid to the nearest Lions Choice... but I kept at it and told myself if I can get up the Holy Hill I was GOLDEN. Mile 10 I got my second wind and Lil Wayne started with "A Milli" and I was OFF... Finished the 13.1 in 2:20 - NOT near my usual time but I was really proud of myself - I overcame my self doubt, my head telling me to DETOUR, and I didn't eat 2 roast beef's with cheese, fries, and a large Root Beer that afternoon from my fav Lions C...;)

The following weekend I had signed up to run a 5K for MODOT Work Zone Awareness and so we did. This course was no joke - it was another incline city but each 1/2 mile they had a cone set up with a worker who had lost his/her life on the job - it was motivation, a reminder to slow down in work zones, and my realization that this could happen to E at any moment, on the days he is out in the field. Scary...

This was E's first race EVER (his work put a team together) so he was pretty AMPd up... He stuck with me for the first mile and we clocked in about an 8:30 mile - then the second mile I pulled back - he was in the ZONE and I thought, hey why not let him run this run? I didn't want him to worry about where I was or blah, blah, blah... and I am not going lie - I was tired and my body STILL hurt from the half the weekend before (yes training is worth it - hahaha). I stuck behind him - he came in around 27 something and I was right behind at 28 something. Not my fastest race but, once again, I chose running instead of waffles that morning - WINNING!

Saturday I am going to get out there and hopefully crank out around 13 miles. My boy Tim and his hot wife (my sweet friend) Jenn are running their first half marathon Saturday morning, and I really wanted to be there. I can't make it this time around, so I am going to run WITH them - just virtually:)

I am back to running... Glad to be - I truly missed it. I am pumped to get my running back in order. I am starting to book up my race calendar and plan to run my next 26.2 in October - the St. Louis Rock N Roll Marathon - YAY! I also think that K9Bish and I are going to run 26.2 at the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in December, just hoping it is NOT another repeat from last year.

If anyone is planning any STL races and wants to run with someone or at least meet at the start line - let me know? I have been racing solo lately and miss having someone there as motivation and support to keep going.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will update more on life MINUS the running part soon. MISS YOU ALL TREMENDOUSLY! Have a wonderful Easter.

Thursday OUT

  How is racing going for you? Started running for the first time? Trying something new?