Training and Weight Loss

My Journey to Fitness

Let me let you in on a little secret. Well it is not so little. When I was a pre-teen, say 4th-7th grade I was heavy. I probably weighed more then, than I do now.

Me getting chubby:(
I believe it had a lot to do with pre-pubescence and the fact my parents divorced a little before this. I had to switch schools (stress), start wearing a uniform (stress), we moved houses (stress), mom started dating (stress), mom started working - not as many home cooked meals (stress), dad started dating (stress) - then add the pre-pubescent weight in on that and BAM!!! I was pushing 140 lbs for a girl who was probably 5 foot at the time.

I was made fun of  OFTEN- called "marshmallow legs" - dam* you Pat Hiles - I still remember this from music class. Suck it now sucka... Oh it probably didn't help my mom cut my hair into a permed mullet. GASP!! The stress of a tween.

Well... I began working out in my mom's basement with her machines and doing step aerobics. I joined the soccer and volleyball team and hit puberty and the weight came off. In high-school I was thin and maintained fairly well in college. I know I have heard of the freshman 15 - but I HATED the dorm food and actually began losing weight. How many turkey sandwiches and salads can you eat? SICK.

Fast forward - now married - and preggo with my first. I gained 70 lbs with Elle - yes people I said 70.

Me right before Elle arrived - at my HEAVIEST
In the delivery room I was pushing 190 lbs. HOLY HELL! Now I am only 5 foot 5 inches - so you can see where I am coming from. I gained it by eating 3 lbs of Christmas cookies during the Holidays, and shoveling every sugary sweet thing in my face hole that I could get my hands on. Well it took almost 2 years to get it all off - damn you people who have a baby and are wearing skinny jeans home from the hospital - just damn you. I kids not really. I lost the weight by eating right, cutting carbs and RUNNING.

So fast forward again - preggo with the Wesanator. I gained 40 lbs this time. Should of been easy to take off - right? WRONG. I lost the majority - but am still up about 12 lbs.

Me preggo with Wesley

These last 10 SUCK to take off. Granted I LOVE to eat and booze - so that plays a factor. LOL... BUT I run a ton. I made a commitment to take care of myself for ME and my children. I also chose to become a runner and so there you have it - that is why I RUNS IT!


  1. I think you looked very pretty in both pregnancy photos:-) The second is especially adorable, with your lil baby bump! Gotta love the journey, right?

    1. Thanks Gina - you are right the journey makes you appreciate it so much MORE:)

  2. You are awesome! Way to go on the weight loss, I am working on losing the toddler weight from my 60 lb preggers weight gain! Ahh what we sacrifice for our beautiful children :) good luck on the half you will do awesome!

    P.s Chris designed my blog too, ;)

    1. I just went and followed you - love the blog design - love the blog AND thank you ~ it has been a long journey but I am getting there, one step at a time.

  3. New follower here! Good job with the weightloss on both pregnancies! I had my lil one about 3 months ago. I'm surround by skinny mommies who've popped babies out and were swimsuit ready by the time they returned from Maternity Leave, bastards. I, on the other hand, have held on to the last 20lbs of baby weight like it's my job. On top of the fact that I was already 50lbs over weight before baby. EEEeeek! I love a good weightloss story. So thanks for putting yourself out there. I have a blog myself and I hope in a few months I can have a weightloss story of my own. :)

  4. You're the most adorable little pregnant lady! I gained 70 pounds too, but I was up to 207. I'm only 5'6"!

  5. Glad to see those people who achieve their weight loss goal and that was a one of a big success in your life.

  6. I love your story! Great testimony for many people! I have a health and fitness blog - come check it out and see if there is anything that can encourage your journey!

    I'm grabbing your button for my blog :) Feel free to take mine if you would like!

    Keep running!!!
    - Ashley

  7. I rocked a permed "business in the front party in the back" hairstyle, too!!! HOLLAH! ...oh and you looked smokin' hot regardless! Maybe it's the blond hair iono????

  8. I recently found your blog and I live near St Louis as well.

    You look great both pregnancies! I gained 60, depressed when I hit 200. yikes. My daughter is now 6 months old and I have lost the 60 lbs but want to lost about 15 more, I feel squishy. :)

  9. OMG WOW! We have so much in common. You look amazing.

  10. Hi, just recently found your blog & looking forward to reading more!
    You look great!!
    My daughter will be 2 in July & I am still not in the shape I need to be. I've struggled with being "chubby" my whole life & am done! I keep hearing the same thing - if I start running, the fat will melt off.
    Did you use any special plan to start running?

  11. I recently found your blog due to our mutual love for Kiki La'Rue and I'm glad I am now following you. You are an inspiration and you look absolutely amazing!