Working Mom Stuff

Yes I work full-time. Yes I miss my kids each day. Yes I have mommy guilt from time to time. Yes I have people look at me weird for not staying home. Yes the question "What does your husband do?" asked to me before "What do YOU do?" makes me want to drop kick someone. Yes I wonder sometimes if I chose the right thing and if this "working thing" is going to mess my kids up in the long run. Yes I like adult conversation during the day. Yes I like the hustle & bustle of my life. Yes I believe my children's daycare has helped them to emerge into a socially interactive children. Yes I believe the foundation of my family are Eric and I first. Yes I love my children more than life itself. Yes I believe SAHM's are Saints and I give them mucho props. Yes I work HARD for the things I have. Yes "I" chose my life and wouldn't want it any other way.


A few resources I turn to:

WoMoments - working mom's blog (one of my favorites).

Confidence is an Inside Job - great confidence builder and tips for "burn-out".

Fans of Being a Mom - great blog for ANY mom.

Work it Mom - another goodie.

These are just a few - as I find more or let me know some of your favs and I can add to the list.


  1. Oh Love what you wrote up there! They "What does your husband do?" question is a good one!! ... And I feel like my kids are learning more in daycare than I ever could teach them on my own staying home with them. I LOVE a good daycare!

    1. Me too Kim. The best thing about my life these days, is knowing my kids are being loved and cared for during the day, as much as they are at home with me:)

  2. YES! To ALL that. Signed fellow Work Outside of Home Mom (WOHM).

  3. Love it. Even though Im a SAHM I know how important it is for the mom's to be the girl...lady...wife.

  4. Just found your blog today! but found you on keek because of the rap off with kimmy first! haha. Cracks me up! I'm a work at home mom...if you call it work. I have an in home daycare in my basement. I give props to all of you moms who do work outside the home...because when you come home, you still have another full time job of wife and mom! Keep doing what you do...PS I love your shorty swing my way, rap off!! haha

  5. It's so refreshing to read this! You took the words right out of my mouth. I have two children also and work full time. I am very proud of my career path and my family life!

  6. Aw love this post! I've never had the desire to be a SAHM! I would be terrible at it. It is nice to know their others out their who chose to work, have kids and do it all!

  7. Mommy guilt is hard enough without other people sticking their nose into our lives and adding to the guilt! Hello people, a little support would be appreciated! Mommyhood is tough stuff! Thanks for sharing your experience. We're not alone!

  8. Thank goodness someone else is saying this too. I wish all of us moms would just get along. I think too often we assume someone else's choice is a judgement on our own choices.